Thursday, November 24, 2011

Keeping Busy

If you are a regular reader then you know I have relocated to NYC with my rubber slave. We are living in temporary housing until our apartment is ready. Between work and working on the apartment there has been little time for fun, but the slave has been locked in chastity.

The slave was free from chastity from 11/6 thru 11/13.  On Sunday, November 13th, I had the slave put on its rubber and we played a bit. I had purchased some new electro devices from Mr. S before we left and I tried them out on the slave.

The slave really enjoyed the electro torture and to show its gratitude it did an excellent job in servicing me. Afterwards I was feeling generous so I let it cum while I turned up the electro charge in its slave hole.

I can't wait till we get settled and I can seal the slave up in the sleepsack and just turn it into a rubber object, bound and tormented! 

Monday morning I returned to work at my new job in NYC and that meant leaving the slave alone and unsupervised so it went back into the chastity device. it has been wearing it ever since.

Here is a pic with the device on as the slave was getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving to be with family in Michigan. 

It is 12:30 in the morning and the slave just texted me to let me know it is feeling incredibly horny. The slave will just have to stay that way until next week!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dripping Slave

The chastised slave had some electro training on Saturday. I placed an electro butt plug inside it and set  the dial to the throb setting and the slave was in heaven. it was moaning and humping the air as the plug pulsated against his prostate. It seemed like gallons of pre-cum oozed out of the slaves locked cock.

After about an hour of tormenting the slave I removed the chastity device and let the slave cum while still providing electro stimulation to the plug in its hole. The slave had an extremely pleasurable orgasm.

Until we get situated in New York the slave will probably be free from chastity.

Watch for more updates in a couple of week.s

The Bondage Boss

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Slave Chastity Training Update

As I mentioned in the last chastity themed post the slave was unlocked on Saturday, October 22 at The 15 Association Party. At the party the slave received an extensive rubber bondage and ball beating session. On Sunday 10/23 I allowed it to cum. I only allow it to cum by my hand, and and only when I say it has permission too.

On Monday morning 10/24 the device went back on. and it has been on ever since. The slave has been extremely horny and asks for regular ball beating sessions in order to alleviate some of the pressure of being hard in the device. I had planned on a nice rubber session last night, but we were both so tired from all the traveling and moving activities that we decided to postpone it. I may seal the slave up in rubber tonight and let it get off. or I may wait until tomorrow night. Whichever I decide it will be the last time the slave has an orgasm in San Francisco. The next time it is unlocked it will be living in New York City.

Current chastity period 10/24 7:00 AM to 11/05 8:00 AM - 12 days/1 hour and counting.

Friday, October 28, 2011


The stress and time constraints of moving have forced me to postpone getting the slave's nipples pierced and his tattoo augmented. I may do it on Halloween or I may postpone it till after we arrive in NYC.

We had a great time at the 15 Association Party last Saturday. We were joined by our good friend SFLthrRbr and had a lot of sleepsack fun. The slave introduced me to one of his friends, WinkSF on recon, and he went into the sleepsack and had a very good time. Then the slave went in. I removed the chastity device and put on a heavy rubber ball stretcher. The slave was on the recieving end of about an hour of ball torture. He loved it and hated it.

I released him from the rubber bondage with out letting him orgasm. He was horny all night and I did not let him have any relief until Sunday morning.

Monday morning the chastity device went back on. I used a numbered plastic security tab so the slave can go through airport security this weekend with out a problem. I don't plan on releasing him from chastity until at least 11/4 and possibly 11/11.

I'll keep you posted but I don't think there will be too many more updates until we settle in New York City.

Mr. Joe

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Plug

In the years that I have owned pup, who is now my slave, we have not done a lot of ass play. recently the slave expressed a desire to start being trained with a butt plug. Since this was on my "to do list" for it, I readily agreed.

We went to Mr. S this week and bought one of the "world's most comfortable butt plugs" in the appropriate size and we started the training Saturday morning.

You can see from the pics and video the slave is still in chastity. it is very horny and its hole quickly took to the plug. You can see how much it liked it. yesterday's session was about 4 hours. The goal is to gradually increase the size and duration until the slave can function with a medium sized plug inside it all day.

In February 2007 I had the slave tattooed. The symbol on the left means rubber and the one on the right translates to pup. To recognize its new status as a slave I will be taking him to Cold Steel today and adding the Chinese symbol for slave. I will also be having its nipples pierced.


As you know from my previous post I am relocating to NYC. I am emptying out my garage and there are some things that need to find a good home.

Daddy Ed had some HO trains and I have held on to them these past six years. I always meant to put them on Craig's list or take them to a train show, but never got around to it.

If you or anyone you know is a HO train enthusiast / collector drop me a note and you can come get them. I am not shipping them so you need to live in the SF bay area.

Send a note to

Mr. Joe

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chastity Training Update.

I started a regimen of chastity training with the slave on September 19th. I locked the device on at midnight and it stayed on till 11:00 AM on September 24th. The slave had an incident of a ball being squeezed through because the rubber it was wearing was so tight. I allowed the slave to take the device off for the day, but did not allow it to cum. At 11:00 PM the chastity device was replaced and left on for 24 hours. That Sunday night after Folsom was the first time the slave had an orgasm since the previous Sunday.

Total chastity time 5 days and 11 hours continuous and then an additional 24 hours.

The next session started Monday morning September 26th at 7:00 AM and the slave was locked in chastity until 11:00 PM on October 3rd. The rubberslave was allowed to cum then. Each time the slave came it was by my hand and my permission. I am very pleased with the way the slave can hold back until I order it too cum.

Total chastity time 7 days and 17 hours continuous.

The slave had a slight irritation on it's cock so it remained unlocked on Tuesday, October 4th. I was very pleased that at bedtime the slave asked to sleep in fist mitts so it would not be tempted to pleasure itself during the night.

On Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM the device went back on. I told the slave I would unlock it and let it come on October 15th, ten days away.

Saturday the 15th was a very intense training day for the slave. The rubberslave was extremely horny from the training it was receiving and was desperate to cum. So it impressed me greatly when it begged me not to unlock it and keep it locked for another week. The slave wanted to show me how eager and willing it was to be under my control.

I agreed and readjusted my plans to release the slave on the following Friday. But later that evening, around midnight, I was heavily abusing the slaves balls and I accidentally dislodged the device. Since it had to be removed in order to put it back on properly I decided to be generous and let the slave cum while he was serving me. Then Sunday morning, while providing more service I made it cum again. With its balls drained it was locked back up again.

Total chastity time 10 days and 19 hours continuous.

The slave was locked up Sunday 10/15 and I plan on unlocking it next Saturday and allowing it to cum while we are at The 15 Association play party. So that will be a short 5 day session.

Then the device will go on Sunday 10/23 and I will not unlock it until Saturday or Sunday, November 5th or 6th, a full two weeks of training. The slave will be going out of town so I will be using a coded security lock so it can go through airport metal detectors.

I will keep you all posted on how well the slave does as I increase the duration of his chastity sessions and orgasm control. Chastity! It does a slave good!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New York, New York

After seven years of living in San Francisco it looks like the Bondage Boss will be heading back home to New York City. If things work out I will be packing up the gear and everything else, and head east with my slave in early November.

If any of you bondage enthusiasts know of a place for rent please drop me a note. The slave and I need to find living quarters where we can start putting New York boys and slaves into bondage.

Watch for further updates.

Mr. Joe

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday Training....continued

Later on Sunday afternoon one of my favorite pup's, dogbruin, came to visit. dogbruin had earned a well deserved bondage session. Not only did he help set up the closet space for training my rubber slave, he also made my computer run better.

I used his rear entry sleepsack with nipple and cock and ball access for starters. Then we added a nice rubber hood with a front that zips closed and it laces and zips up the back.

To make sure he wouldn't go anywhere we wrapped him to the bondage board with black wrap and rubber strips. I let him float there with some poppers and music while my rubber slave used the vibrator on him.

We added nipple clamps and then attached them to a chain for tension. After a while I let rubber slave take the pup's cock out and suck on it. The slave took to the task very eagerly and the pup in bondage enjoyed it too. We put a vibrating cock ring on the pup and tucked everything away again for another nice relaxation period.

Finally rubber slave took the pup's cock out and started stroking it. The slave really wanted to milk the pup dry. By adding some nipple play the slave got the pup to shoot. I left him to float in a post orgasm bondage haze before releasing him. The pup came out of the mummification with a big smile on his face.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Training Video - part two

The rubberslave's training continued with some heavy poppers and stimulation of it locked up cock it was so hard and excited I had it dry humping the air. it is an extremely horny rubberslave.

Sunday Training Video

Here is the first of three videos from Sunday's training session.

Sunday Training

Sunday was a day of all rubber training for the slave. To start the day I had it shower and then it put on the rubber suit and socks and then make breakfast. After breakfast it put on some street clothes and we went shopping. First to Mr. S where the slave purchased some new rubber gloves and I purchased a new neoprene locking bondage collar to use on the slave.

After Mr. S we headed to Stomper's to check on my order of custom Wesco's. While there the slave tried on some calf high Gripfast boots but they did not fit. Then we were off to Safeway to make some purchases for dinner.

When we arrived home the slave stripped off the street clothes and added more rubber. First it put on the fancy latex, high heel boots it has, the new rubber gloves and then a rubber corset. Down in the training space I added the molded rubber hood, mouth plug, rubber goggles, a neoprene muzzle, and locked fist mitts.

I attached the muzzle to a rope on a pulley. Then I added a heavy chain hanging from the ceiling. I attached the collar of the muzzle, the locked mitts and the center of a spreader bar. The other end of the spreader bar was attached to its ankles.

The slave was sealed in head to toe rubber and neoprene, locked in rubber chastity, being force fed poppers and was as horny as hell.

The fancy boot are really hard for the slave to stand in, so this was some very tough bondage. After a bit I relented and let the slave down. I placed it in a chair and cuffed it's hands away from its  slave cock. I fed it more poppers and then massage the area behind the slave's cock and balls with a vibrator while it humped with great vigor. The slave was moaning and groaning and I think it was begging to cum, but with the gag, hood and muzzle I could not understand a word it was saying. And besides it knows that the chastity device is not coming off until Thursday at the earliest.

It was a warm day and it was getting hot in the training room so I took the pup upstairs to the bedroom and removed the head gear and let it suck my cock until our afternoon guest arrived.

To be continued..........

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday Night Training

This is how the slave is locked up in the closet.

When the rubber slave arrived home from work I had it strip down to the rubber shirt and jock it was wearing under it's work clothes. Then I instructed it to put on it's calf high black leather converse high tops.

I chained it kneeling in the closet so it could provide some proper oral service and cock worship before locking it away.

After talking with the slave for a bit so it understood the purpose of the training session I locked it away till dinner time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Slave Identity

One of the biggest challenges a slave faces in today's society is maintaining it's identity amongst all the other roles it has to play. It is someone's son and brother. at work it has a role. My slave goes to school so it is also a student. Some slaves come to their true self late in life and have even fathered children they must be a dad too.

It is important to help the slave hold on to it's truest, deepest nature through strong training and reinforcement. I have turned a small closet into a space where my slave can be completely itself. Just a slave, my property and nothing else. it is locked in there now. Hooded, gagged, shackled and in rubber. I put it there right after it arrived home from work so it could immediately get into the proper head space. Later I will let it sit by my feet and tell me all about it's work day and social outing. But for now, it is locked away, learning that it belongs to me, and what it means to be under my control.

more to come.....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missed The Cum Shot

It was time for rubberslave to be allowed to get off after a week in chastity. I put the slave in its favorite bondage, sealed up in the rubber sleepsack, with a rubber hood and neoprene face gag plus a leather blindfold, and strapped him down to the bondage board with tape.

I set up two cameras, one at the slave's head and one focused on its cock and balls. Unfortunately the camera recording the ball beating and cock stroking malfunctioned so I was not able to capture the rubberslaves's cum shot. It was quite a load too. I am posting the video I did capture. If you have seen other videos you know the treatment the rubberslave's balls are getting. You will also be able to tell when it cums! After the slave shot its load I let it rest on the board for twenty minutes before beging the process of setting it free to go to bed. Enjoy!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The rubberpup slave Ready For Bed Friday Night

Here is a short video of the rubberpup slave ready for bed this past Friday night. The slave was locked in the chastity device on Monday morning 9/26 and is very horny. The slave is still in the device, but I might possibly let it cum this evening.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trading Bob and Joe

As you may know, my rubber pup slave's actual name is joe and my name is Joe. We happen to have good friends who are named Bob and Bob. This evening I took pup over to Bob's place for some remedial training and I took his partner Bob back to my house for a bondage session.

After experimenting with the best combination of hood and gag I put him in the sleep sack and strapped him down to the bondage board with black duct tape. Pleasant mood music played in the room as he floated in space on the board. I applied a blindfold and a vibrator to his cock and balls and listened to him moan. I added headphones to muffle some of the ambient noise and began his bondage session.

His nipples are directly connected to his cock so massaging them through the rubber and applying tit clamps was especially fun because of the responses I received.

I played with him a while and then left him to drift in bondage heaven .

When I came back I ramped up the training by applying dual vibrators to his clamped nipples while he humped his bound cock and balls in the suit. Then I applied the heavy duty vibrator to his cock and balls while I manipulated, teased and tormented his nipples. he did not know if he was coming or going!

After 90 minutes I slowly let him unwind as I released him from the bondage. He emerged from the hood with a big smile on his face! I returned Bob to his partner, Bob and picked up my pup joe, who also had a nice afterglow, and seemed no worse for wear. Overall a very fun Saturday night and another good training session by the bondage boss.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rubberslave Training Continues

The pup is adapting well to it's new identity as a rubberslave. it seems to be very content as well as horny. This is something it needed for a long time, but was not able to express.

The training slowed during the week because of work, school and house guests, but last night we picked things up again.

I introduced the slave to his new slave space. For those of you who don't know pup he is very creative and he has a small studio downstairs where he works on his art. I emptied the closet in that room and this will be the space where it will learn to live and think as a slave and where I will keep it when I am not training it or using it. Like Harry Potter the slave has a closet under the stairs!

Thanks to dogbruin who came over last week and put eye bolts in the wall so bondage is easy.

I put pup in the new space for a short period last night. The pup does not like isolation bondage so i will have to train it slowly to get used to the idea of being kept locked away in bondage, under my control.

In full rubber, with a new neoprene cocksucker hood from Mr. S and a new neoprene face gag (also from Mr. S) pup was in basic bondage, attached to the bolts by his ankles and wrists. I force fed it poppers and tormented it, elevating it to new heights of horniness. Then I closed the door and left it alone to think about its new life as a rubberslave.

The set up in the closet is simple for now but I will augment it as the slave's training continues. I checked on the slave periodically and fed it more poppers and massaged the slaves locked up cock and balls. After a short period of release last Sunday the slave has been locked up in the silicone boy trainer from, you guessed it, Mr. S

The session was short, about 45 minutes, then I released the slave, put it on its knees and put the cocksucker hood to good use.

Around 9;30 we took a short break. pup threw on some sweats and we went out dinner with him in full rubber. We relaxed at home and watched last Tuesday's episode of Glee while we digested, then it was back in to the bedroom for some more training. 

The neoprene hood went back on as well as a gag and some locked and chained fist mitts and then pup was given both verbal and physical slave training. The slave was eager to sleep again in bondage. it was very horny throughout the night, which in turn made me horny and around 7AM I had the slave give me an early morning blow-job. That settled it down a lot. it was very content and happy to be used the way it was meant to be used.

I believe the pup will make a very good rubberslave.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Bondage Boys - part 3: Rubber

The day ended with two different boys going into the rubber sleepsacks. My pup was allowed to drift in a haze of bondage helplessness with poppers and electro stimulation while J. was tormented with various types of cock, ball and nipple torture, including, clamps, clothespins, ice, paddles and more. The boys had a lot of fun.

Two Bondage Boys - part 2

Here are the two pups again, this time mummified together.

Two Bondage Boys

Here is a video from Saturday's bondage session with the two pups.

Folsom Fair and Stompers.

Took pup out for a walk around the Folsom Street Fair. We started the day with pup fully rubberized with hood, collar, gag and goggles. We had fun walking around but the crowds make it difficult to keep a slave on a leash. Unfortunately I forgot to take a pic of pup in his full gear.

We went to Stompers and relaxed at the backyard party and connected with old friends and made some new ones. I took a few pictures of some of the hot men, hot leather and hot boots all around.