Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Slave Identity

One of the biggest challenges a slave faces in today's society is maintaining it's identity amongst all the other roles it has to play. It is someone's son and brother. at work it has a role. My slave goes to school so it is also a student. Some slaves come to their true self late in life and have even fathered children they must be a dad too.

It is important to help the slave hold on to it's truest, deepest nature through strong training and reinforcement. I have turned a small closet into a space where my slave can be completely itself. Just a slave, my property and nothing else. it is locked in there now. Hooded, gagged, shackled and in rubber. I put it there right after it arrived home from work so it could immediately get into the proper head space. Later I will let it sit by my feet and tell me all about it's work day and social outing. But for now, it is locked away, learning that it belongs to me, and what it means to be under my control.

more to come.....

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  1. Thank You Sir for saying this. It's both very true with the struggle and the need for help & support in remembering and "nurturing" the slave spirit. It's also very nice to think of Your slave being locked away in the closet to that end. :-)