Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The rubberslave's New Boots

Before we moved I ordered new Wesco Job Master Boots, from Stompers, for the slave. It was kind of a combined moving  and Christmas present.

The Boots were completely custom made so they just arrived the other day.

 I had the slave in them when I trained it last Friday. Here is a picture from last Friday. I'll take some more soon.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inspired by and written for pig

I have been exchanging e-mails with pig, whom I have kept in contact with sporadically since it returned to Seattle. pig was one of my favorite bondage subjects and I hope it finds the Master it needs.

I was going to send pig this video, one of my favorites by Algolagnist, a Master in the U.K. and a story I wrote inspired by the video and my experiences with pig. But unfortunately every time I tried to send it via AOL, Yahoo or GMail I received a message that the file is too big. In the advanced year of 2012 aren't most files bigger than 25mb?

Anyway I decided to post the video and the story here for every one's enjoyment.

And here is the story inspired by it and my favorite bondage pig:

I am a pigkeeper. Not the barnyard swine variety, the human kind. I own a pig. It is a pig because of its insatiable desire to be kept in bondage. I own it and I keep it in captivity. It serves me and I use it for my sadistic pleasures.

Right now the pig is encased in a rubber sleepsack and strapped to the bondage board. Actually there is more to it than that.

The pig started out locked into a cb-6000 chastity device, securely fastened in place, and there is a large metal stretcher on its balls that is wired for electro training. There is a fat plug in its pig hole that is also wired for electro. The head of the pig’s cock is pierced and there is a padlock through the piercing that extends out through the tip of the chastity device. More security! The pig’s nipples are pierced and ringed and its septum is also pierced, but instead of a ring there is small padlock through the piercing.

The pig is encased in a rubber catsuit. There are zippers up the front and down through the crotch and over the nipples. The feet and gloves, as well as the hood, are attached. It is all one piece that covers the pig’s body from head to toe with openings for the mouth, eyes and nostrils. The pig basically lives in this suit 24/7. The wires for the electro training devices extend through a small grommet in the crotch area

There is a plug gag in the slave’s mouth that has a tube extending from it. There is a second hood that has holes for the mouth and nose but no eyes covering the catsuit hood. This is zipped closed and locked. A heavy collar encircles its neck and that too is locked. Built into the second hood are two small pockets over the ears where I can insert ear buds connected to an iPod

Next there is a muzzle over the hood. The tube gag extends through a hole in the mouth plate of the muzzle. The muzzle is strapped snugly to its head and locked on. The padlock from the septum piercing dangles down from its nose and hangs right above the tube from the gag. It is beautiful, slick black rubber, faceless object with a shiny brass padlock locking the hood to the slaves face.

The pig was placed in a rubber sleepsack and then laid against the bondage board and it was zipped up. The zipper was locked to the collar. Then rubber straps were used to strap the pig down to the bondage board. The D rings on the muzzle were also attached to the board so the pig is immobilized.

I started with some pleasurable electro while I used my iPod to play recordings I had made for the pig. They were mix of subliminal sounds interspersed with my voice. Talking to it, training it, mentally transforming it into the pig object I desire. I gave it some poppers to help it float in an extremely pleasurable bondage experience.

After about an hour I returned and did the unexpected. I unzipped the pig and removed the chastity device. The pig lives in chastity 24/7. It has been trained to cum with the device locked on. The bathroom is equipped with a small pressure hose that my other slave uses to wash out the device without taking it off the pig.

The pig loves the chastity device. The pig’s life long dream of being owned was fulfilled the day I locked the chastity device on. it is a pig. it thinks and feels with its’ pig dick and when I locked it up I took control of the pig’s heart, mind and soul.

it did not know what to think when I removed the device. I could tell from the noises it was making that it was puzzled and confused. There had been many conversations and ideas tossed about, a lot of them coming from the pig itself, such as having the word “pig” tattooed on the head of its pig dick, putting a brand on its crotch, even castration. The pig wondered if I was going to do something like that to it.

The pig knew having the chastity device removed was unique. But it’s noises of puzzlement soon turned to groans of pleasure as my hand gently stroked its pig dick. it hardly ever gets to feel my hand on its pig dick and it was as hard as piece of steel. I think it had been four weeks since I drained its balls last, so this was one horny pig.

I gently stroked it as I used my other hand to put the opening of the popper bottle against the gag tube. Once the pig smelled the poppers it started inhaling deeply. Did I mention that it is a popper pig too?

I gently stroked it for about 15 minutes, slowly raising the volume of the iPod. Then I let go and quietly left the room. I could hear the pig’s inquisitive moans and grunts. It could not tell if I was still there or not. I looked through the doorway and I could see its pig dick twitching violently up and down, searching for the hand that had just given it so much pleasure.

I returned about 30 minutes later and repeated the process. This time I turned up the electro to add more stimulation and increased the amount of poppers. I turned off the iPod so the pig could hear the ambient noise. I stroked and teased its pig dick and listened to its moans as it fought the physical desire to cum against the training I had given it. I knew that all I had to do was say “cum pig” and a geyser of cum would shoot out of the pig dick.

For the next hour I tortured and teased the pig dick, keeping it high on poppers and letting it feel the electro flow through its balls and into its pig hole. With every jolt the pig thrust forward as much as the straps would allow. I know the electro plug in its pig hole made it feel like it was getting fucked relentlessly.

I left it again and returned in about an hour. I had a plastic jug with the words “Boss Piss” written on it. I had urinated into it about twenty minutes earlier. I put the tip of the gag tube into the piss and told it to drink. The pig sucked in the piss and gulped greedily. I knew it would be thirsty and it has been trained to love my piss.

The pig dick was still rock hard. It jutted out from the humanoid rubber bound cocoon, begging to be touched. I continued with more teasing, and more poppers.

I knew the pig was undergoing mental duress. The very nature of its physical being needed it to cum. To shoot the load that had built up in its balls, in fact it was properly suffering from some physical distress because of the lack of release.

On the other hand it mentally and emotionally craved my control. Permanent chastity gave it a sense of being owned like nothing else. I had mentally trained it to cum only on my command, usually when I am applying physical pain or pleasure to other parts of its body, especially its pig hole.

It has been trained not to think of its own physical needs or pleasures and yet its pig body was betraying it by demanding release. I knew the more I tormented it the harder it would be for the slave to obey it’s programming to cum only on command. I also knew that if the pigs body betrayed it, and came without permission, it would feel it let its Master down in an unforgivable way. It was that knowledge, and the fear of the harsh punishment that would follow such disobedience, that was helping it hold back the orgasm its pig body demanded.

I stopped stroking it again, and watched the pig cock bounce and thrust looking for the Master’s hand. Yes, it was driven by its physical needs, but it was also driven by an overwhelming desire to feel the Master’s touch. When I left it isolated it lived and breathed waiting for the Master. The Master is all that mattered. When would I return? Where was I? it tried to remain quiet so it might here my footsteps throughout the house. The pig existed completely for the Master. Nothing else mattered. The pig measured time in two ways, time with the Master and time waiting for the Master to return.

The pig has been strapped to the board for about 8 hours. About two hours ago I went in and gave it a sports nutrition drink loaded with protein and electrolytes. I also gave it some more piss, this time drained fresh from its own pig dick and fed back to it. I put a breathing mask on it so it will have a continuous supply of poppers for a while and increased the power on the TENS unit supplying the electro charge to the pigs balls and pig hole. It has been moaning pretty regularly for the past two hours.

Sitting on my desk is a beautiful polished steel chastity tube. It was made in Germany and customized to the pigs specific cock size. I will be going back to the training room to introduce the pig to its new chastity device. It is heavier and more restricting than the plastic cb-6000. It also takes a larger, heavier padlock. The pig will feel the weight of this every day for the rest of its existence.

I will not be letting the pig cum before I lock on the new chastity device. I want the pig to feel the intensity of the new, more restricting, heavier, device immediately. I will apply some ice, some nitrous gas and some other techniques to gets the pig's dick to soften enough so that I can fit the device on. Then I will tuck the pig's locked dick back inside the sleepsack , zip it up, lock it, and leave it on the board till my other slave arrives home in about three hours.

I already texted the slave with instructions to take the pig out of the sleepsack when he gets home. Leave the restrictive head gear on and put the pig in heavy shackles. Disconnect the electro wires and unzip the catsuit in the back.  Replace the electro plug with an 8 inch black rubber dildo. Zip the suit up and lock it, making sure the dildo stays in place. Give the pig a liquid protein dinner. Make sure it takes a piss and collect it in the “pig juice” bottle and then lock the pig in the cage for the night.

The pig will be very eager to be with the Master in the morning!

To be continued...?

Feedback or comments anyone? I suggested the pig get all geared up before reading it. I am interested to know what gear it put on and what it thought of the story.

Have a good Wednesday everyone.

The Boss

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fiday Night Training

An very horny chastity rubberslave received some much needed training on Friday Night.

I enjoyed the latest videos from RubberDom 2000 on X-Tube while the slave provided excellent service to its Master. Afterward the slave was tormented with the pleasure/pain of the electro plug for another 40 minutes. After three weeks of chastity the slave is extremely horny and very trainable.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Electro Stimulation

We only have a small amount of gear right now. Most everything is packed in boxes and inaccessible in the front room. But there is some stuff we took on the plane with us, and I was been able to use that to give the rubber slave some electro training.

The rubber slave has been in chastity for 17 days and is extremely horny and happy. When I told it I was going to give it some training I believe it thought it would be allowed to cum, considering it is Valentine's Day. I even teased the slave by taking the lock off the chastity device, but I only did that to put a new, smaller lock on.

The slave was in its rubber suit, hood, gloves, locked fist mitts, socks and boots. It was collared, gagged and blindfolded using new Mr. S neoprene bondage gear.

I attached rubber electro loops to its balls and inserted and electro plug in its hole and then gave it some stimulation for about 30 minutes. It was humping the bed trying to get relief.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chastity Crisis

*note - I wrote this in November but for some reason it was never posted.

While pup was away in Michigan the chastity device the slave was wearing broke. It's the new Boy Trainer 2.0 from Mr. S (also known as the Birdlocked Chastity Device)

The device is made of silicone and the slave has been well controlled in it. Unfortunately we have owned it for only 60 days and I expected the device to last longer.

Here are some pictures of the device and you can see where the ball spreader bar separated from the main sheath.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Still In Chastity

The slave is still in chastity since I locked it up on 1/28/2012. Two weeks of being horny is putting the slave back in the right frame of mind. With the move to New York it has been challenging to find the time to give the slave the proper training it needs. But as we settle in I will be able to dedicate more time to its development.