Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mr. American Rubber Pix

Here are two pixs taken by RubberRebel from of my slave as the title holder for Mr. American Rubber.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bondage Weekend - Monday Video: Part Two

I returned to the dungeon at 1:00pm to check on both slaves. After ensuring they were secure in their bondage I decided it was good opportunity to relax and enjoy my book.

Bondage Weekend - Monday Video: Part One

here is the first video from Monday's training session. the two bondage slaves were in bondage for about 30 minutes before I checked on them.

Mr. American Rubber Contest

I am pleased to announce my rubberslave pup is now the new Mr. American Rubber for 2013. Congratulations slave.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bondage Weekend - Monday

The activity at Mr. Bratman's had quieted down by Monday morning. There were a few remaining guests including myself, pigbear and boy drew aka Canadian rubberpig. We enjoyed a nice breakfast and some early morning conversation but by noon it was time to get down to business. I would be leaving by 5:30 or 6;00 and I needed to make sure the two eager bondage slaves had one last session.

First rubberpig went back into the sleepsack and back on the bed. Hooded, collared, gagged and blindfolded. The rubberpig was restrained at the collar and ankles. Later on I added a belt across its torso. The rubberpig was plugged and wired up for intense electro training on its pig hole. I could tell the constant sensation was keeping the pig aroused. I would alternate between the thrusting and throbbing selections on the Eros-Tek 232.

The Canadian rubberpig exists as a rubber object for hours

The pigbear was put in the neoprene straight jacket and neoprene muzzle with a rubber mouth plug. I chained the pigbear against the wall of the dungeon and added a spreader bar to keep its legs spread wide. i placed a vibrating ring on the pigbear's cock and let it enjoy the tormenting sensations.

With both bondage pigs securely in place I went back upstairs for a diet coke. I left the two of them to wait for me. Because that is all bondage slaves can do - wait for the Master to return.

I did return in about 30 minutes. I gave both bondage slave some poppers. The pigbear had previously told me it didn't like poppers because they gave it headaches. But the pigbear had observed the effect the poppers had on rubberpig and was curious. I explained like vodka it depended on the quality. Cheap poppers can be bad and good poppers can be great. I purchase poppers from a company in the UK. The popper supplier was recommended to me by RubberDom, who uses poppers on his slave gimp frequently.

I gave the pigbear poppers and it informed me later that once the effect hit the pigbear it would have accepted anything I did to it. (good information.)

I left the two bondage pigs (they had transitioned from slaves to actual pigs, hungry and greedy for as much bondage as I would give them) for another 30 minutes.

I came back downstairs a little after 1:00 and checked on them again. The rubberpig was squirming and grunting, fully aroused and loving every minute of its captivity. The pigbear was standing silently against the wall, sweating, breathing heavily with its cock dripping long strands of pre-cum.

I sat down to read my book enjoying the gentle moans from both bondage pigs. Occasionally the rattle of chains would come from pigbear as it attempted to adjust position. Spreader bars can be hard on feet, calves and quads!

About every thirty minutes I would make the rounds and check on the pigs. Two very happy pigs. We had the dungeon to ourselves. there was no safe word that would release these bondage pigs. they were under my control with only the time limitation on their side.

I teased and stroked the erect dicks of both bondage pigs but I was not going to let either one of them cum. By the end of this session I would have two devoted and eager bondage slaves who would want to return to me again and again.

pigbear was released first. It was time for its head to be shaved. The muzzle and straight jacket came off and its wrist were shackled behind its back. The shackles remained on its ankles. the pigbear was taken upstairs and presented for inspection to Mr. Bratman and then was brought back downstairs to the barber station where boy dean proceeded to shave the pigbear bald.

The Barber Station at the Roosevelt East Correctional Facility

pigbear getting its head shaved by boy dean

                         pigbear was taken back upstairs for another inspection and then was free to wander the house shackled.

pigbear admiring the birds on the back deck from the sitting room door.

Meanwhile Canadian rubberpig sank deeper and deeper into the mental and emotional place of a rubberpig object. I could tell from its responses how much it was affected by the long continuous bondage session. The rubberpig existed in that black space of immobility where its thoughts ran free to contemplate a rubber bondage existence. Wearing sound blocking headphones its ability to know what was going on around it was severely limited. I was its only contact. I controlled its breathing forcing poppers on it sending it into that gave is spasms of arousal. the rubberpig was horny and on edge for over four hours. There came a point where it was just the two of us in the dungeon. I laid on the bed next to it and spoke softly too it about how I wanted it to visit so i could explore longer and longer sessions of bondage captivity with it. I told it I wanted to put in the isolation box eliminating all contact and having complete control over it and it moaned in pleasure at the thought.

Canadian rubberpig after three hours

Canadian rubberpig - silenced, immobilized and isolated - 4 hours in bondage.

When I met this boy upstairs on Sunday I did not know I was meeting another rubberpig object that would be so responsive to my training.

Unfortunately the time came when the rubberpig needed to be released. I think a quart of sweat poured out of the suit after the pig came out. The rubberpig was glowing after its intense session.

Good-byes were said all around. I know two bondage pigs I'll be keeping in touch with and I guarantee I'll be visiting Mr. Bratman again.

Bondage Weekend - Sunday Video

Here is the video of the Sunday night's bondage training session of Canadian rubberpig and pigbear at Mr. Bratman's Correctional Facility in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Canadian rubberpig and the Vac-Rack

Before the Canadian rubberpig returned to the dungeon for further rubber immobilization training it spent about ninety minutes sealed in the Vac-Rack, on the floor of the upstairs sitting room. Leathermen sat around in comfort, enjoying brandy and cigars, as the rubberpig was teased and tormented with a riding crop by boy dean.

Mr. American Rubber Contest

My rubberslave has been cajoled into entering the Mr. American Rubber Contest this Friday and Saturday at the Rock Bar in New York City. Come down and meet us and cheer my slave on.

Friday October 12th is the Meet and Greet
Saturday October 13th is the contest

For more info go here:

Description of my rubber slave's orgasm

I mentioned that one of the boys at Mr. Bratman's bondage gathering told me he would write up a description of what he witnessed when I made my rubber slave cum after many weeks in chastity. Here is the description below. I am grateful to the boy for taking the time to write it and I promise him some extra special attention the next time we meet.
After much anticipation, i finally had the chance to meet SIR at a dungeon party in North Carolina.  HE is an imposing man with a gentle and affectionate way of introducing HIMSELF.  The dungeon was crowded and busy, and SIR did not have an opportunity to use me, but HE promised HE would do so at the next meeting.
i also met SIR’s slave-pup, who was in rubber and a straightjacket, with an electric plug in its ass.  At one point, SIR left me alone with HIS slave-pup while HE tended to other things — and i was allowed to paddle slave-pup’s balls.  When i reached across slave-pup’s chest to rub its nipple, i inadvertantly bumped the controls to the ass-plug and cranked up the intensity.  The slave-pup reacted with wide-open eyes and muffled scream into its gag.  It took me a moment to figure out what had happened.
Later, after SIR returned, HE removed the slave’s chastity, which had been in place for many, many weeks.  Then, with a small crowd assembled, SIR dripped some lube on the slave’s stiff dick and slowly stroked it, speaking gently to the slave.
Soon, the slave’s reactions made us all realize the moment had arrived. The slave tensed and a creamy glob of cum squirted out in a high arc, splattering on the slave’s rubber-covered thigh.  But, of course, SIR was just getting started.  HE continued stroking, and, moment’s later, accompanied by the slave’s muffled cries, a second eruption sprayed another wad of cum onto the slave’s leg.
SIR, maintained HIS stroking rhythm, working slave’s sensitive cock.  The slave could be heard whimpering saying through its gag:  “It hurts, SIR!  It hurts!”
“I know,” SIR reassured slave.  “I know.”  And the stroking continued, as we all watched.

I found this picture on Tumblr of boy paul taken by someone else during the weekend. You can find boy paul on Recon as chubbyhog and follow him on Tumblr at

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Video - Canadian rubberpig and pigbear - Part One

Here is video of the first training session I had with the Canadian rubberpig and pigbear on Sunday. They went into bondage around 1:30 and rubberpig was released around 4:30pm. A good beginning.

The pigbear was allowed to cum during this session but stayed in bondage for an hour afterwards.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bondage Weekend - Sunday

We awoke late on Sunday. Between the long drive and staying up till 2:00am I was one tired Bondage Boss and my slave was also wiped out from the night's exertions, so sleep was good.

I had pup dress in his neoprene suit with the Wesco Engineer boots and we headed downstairs (I was given the upstairs Blue Room to sleep in) where we found the house full of activity. We were just in time for breakfast. pigbear was wearing a blue wrestling singlet that he borrowed from boy paul. It turned out that the singlet actually belonged too Woofer a man close to my heart who I have not talked to in a while. Woofer was not at the party but he knows both boy paul and pigbear.

The night before pigbear and I discussed putting boy paul in the sleepsack for the day but it turned out boy paul was leaving on a flight by 3pm and we would not have the time to get together. boy paul knows the next time our paths cross he will receive some training from me.

Mr. Bratman granted pigbear permission to cum on Sunday so I knew whatever I did, getting pigbear off was probably on the menu.

But for the first hour I was content to sit in the sitting room and watch the bustling activity and enjoy my coffee.

pigbear and pup relaxing on Sunday morning. The neoprene hood came from another guest at the party who thought pup should accessorize.

pigbear and pup

Before we went down to the dungeon I had pigbear put on a set of Mr. Bratman's leg irons. After just 18 hours with pig bear I knew that he should be in some form of restraint at all times and should always have his movements restricted in some way.

In the dungeon I put a mouth plug in pigbear's mouth and then strapped on the neoprene muzzle. I used the neoprene because it clings to the face better and can be made tighter without the straps cutting in to the face. pigbear is a talkative bear and he likes to try and talk even when muzzled and gagged. The night before pigbear said something and I told him I did not understand a word he said. pup turned around and repeated his comments and I said "you can understand him"? and pup promptly replied "I speak gag". Someone said that belongs on a t-shirt. Either way I wanted to reduce pigbear's tendency to be talkative so I made the muzzle nice and snug. It does not lock but the fist mitts would take care of any efforts to escape. After adding the mitts and chains I put pigbear in the cell while I attended to pup.

pigbear in muzzle, mitts, leg irons and chains locked in the cell.

After attending to some business with my rubber slave I gagged it and put it in the cell with pigbear while I went upstairs to relax.

pigbear and pup cuddling in the cell.
Upstairs I observed that the sitting room had become an extension of the dungeon. One boy was sealed up in a Vac Rack and another was resting peacefully in a neoprene sleepsack.

boy in Vac-Rack
boy in neoprene sleepsack.
While I was upstairs I noticed a boy walking around in a bright red rubber short suit. I had seen him the day before in a chastity pod and earlier in the day getting his haircut by Mr. Bratman. I said hello and asked him about the suit, which he said came from E7 gear. he also introduced himself as boy drew and said he was an admirer of my work. I realized that I had found another boy who might be interested in the sleepsack. I asked if he was interested and told him to come downstairs if he was and then I headed back to the dungeon to put pigbear in more secure bondage.

I released pigbear from the cell and with pup and boy drew's help we secured pigbear to the bondage bed. He was muzzled, mitted and chained down at the wrist, ankles and at the top of his head
pigbear in bondage

pigbear in bondage

pigbear in bondage

muzzled happy pig bear

muzzled happy pigbear

pigbear in bondage

We found a cot in the utility room and my slave and I started sealing boy drew up in rubber. He had his rubber short suit on underneath. He was zipped up in the sack with rubber hood with collar attached, rubber gag and sight limiting goggles. Because there was a bare light bulb above his head I switched the goggles out with a neoprene blindfold. Minutes after getting boy drew into the rubber bondage I discovered I had another rubberpig on my hands. This session was the beginning of a transformational experience for boy drew who I am now nick-naming Canadian rubberpig CPG (because he is from Canada and I already know an American rubberpig.)

CPG enjoying its first sleepsack experience.

CPG in total rubber bondage.

CPG was also a guest of Mr. Bratman's so I had my slave check if there were any conditions regarding its treatment. The only stipulation Mr. Bratman had was that CPG could not cum if it was not plugged. When I asked CPG if it was plugged it responded negatively. Since there was no way to insert a plug through the two layers of tight rubber there was no way CPG was going to get off during this session. Turned out to be for the best. 

With my slave I moved back and forth between pigbear in the dungeon bedroom and CPG in the utility room. I kept CPG floating and happy with poppers while keeping pigbear on edge before we let him shoot. pigbear was in the bondage for about two hours and CPG for two hours and thirty minutes. My rubberslave jerked pigbear off while I captured it on video, which I will post later.

pigbear after he shot with a navel full of cum.

pigbear shot a nice load and I left him in bondage a full 45 minutes afterwards so he learned that just because the orgasm has been achieved the bondage does not end. pigbear did not clean himself up when he was released. Woofer in St. Louis had requested that the wrestling singlet be returned stained with pigbear's cum and sweat!! We released pigbear but left him in the heavy ankle irons and I added a wide collar around the pigbears neck. pigbear was proving to be an excellent bondage slave. I don't know if pigbear realized what a good slave it was but I was already beginning to think of pigbear in the third person. it instead of him!

CPG enjoying hour two of rubber bondage

CPG in full rubber bondage. A hint of its red suit is in view

another boy who was touring the dungeon came across the helpless rubber pig and started playing with it.

Around 4:30 it was time to wind things down. My slave could not stay the full weekend and had a 7:30 flight back to NYC it needed to catch. The three boys/slaves helped put the gear away and pup caught a ride to the airport while I took a nap. Bondage training eager subs is tiring. 

After dinner there was some evening entertainment in the sitting room. I had already agreed to put CPG back in the sleepsack (this time with an electro-plug) and pigbear and I were going to explore more bondage together. But first CPG went into the Vac-Rack where he was tormented by boy dean with a riding crop. This rubber bondage session lasted close to 90 minutes. I could see that CPG was a true rubber pig.

CPG in the Vac-Rack

CPG responds to being tormented with the riding crop by boy dean

CPG and boy dean

 After the Vac-rack session I took CPG and pigbear back to the dungeon. The Canadian rubberpig went back into the sleepsack. This time on the dungeon bed with extra restraints at the neck and ankles so it could not move around. I used a face hugging molded rubber hood and a neoprene collar and the pig was plugged with small electro plug. I wired the pig up, force fed it some poppers and let it begin to experience life as a rubber pig object.

pigbear was going to go into the cage for a while but I discovered the cage opening was too small for pigbears broad shoulders and overall the cage was not a good fit. pigbear seemed a little worn out so I just hooded it and let it rest on the cot that the rubber pig had been on earlier.

One of the plans I had for my vacation was to enjoy the Stephen King book 11/22/63 that came out last year. In the past ten months I had not had the time to sit down and read and this was the perfect opportunity. I would check on the two bondage slaves every thirty minutes or so, force feeding the pig poppers and giving the pigbear words of encouragement as it learned to be kept under my control. Overall it was a very enjoyable evening. The only thing missing was my slave sitting at my feet.

After two hours I set pigbear free and it helped me tease and torment the bound rubberpig until I got it to shoot a huge load all over the place. It sprayed out everywhere. The rubberpig had truly enjoyed its rubber bondage.

Canadian rubberpig cum

rubberpig juices all over the sleepsack

Canadian rubberpig after shooting

I left the pig to stew in its own juices, so to speak, while I had pigbear put away gear and clean up the dungeon space. By this time all was quiet upstairs. All the guests had either left or gone to bed. The rubberpig was the only one left in the dungeon. I quietly leaned in and suggested to the pig that I could easily go upstairs to bed and leave it there, in bondage for the night. I could tell from its response that the rubberpig struggled with the idea. The rubberpig inside loved the idea of more helpless bondage. Of being a rubberpig object waiting eight hours for the Boss to return. But the sensible boy inside was afraid of being in bondage that long, alone, isolated and helpless. I knew that if I continued training this rubberpig I could get it to a place where it would crave long nights of being a helpless bound rubberpig object.

But for nowI was content to free the rubberpig. It was after midnight when I let it out. The rubberpig took a shower and cleaned all the rubber and then the two bondage slaves went to the dorm room to sleep and I retired to the Blue Room for some much needed rest. After all there would be more bondage slave training on Monday.

Bondage Weekend-Saturday

This weekend I drove down to Mr. Bratman's (MrBratman on Recon) in Raleigh, North Carolina, for one of his semi-annual BDSM gatherings. The slave and I loaded up the SUV with gear and hit the road. I'll spare you all the travel details but next time I'm flying.

This was a special weekend for many reasons. First of all I had promised the slave it would be able to cum this weekend. The slave has been locked in chastity for many months. The last time I let the slave orgasm was on it's birthday 10 weeks ago. At that time I got the slave off via massage and did not actually remove the CB-6000, which has been locked on since the beginning of summer. In addition I was looking forward to seeing Mr. Bratman. I had not seen him since my last visit to his home since 2008. Plus this was real vacation for me. No work for the next week. Just relaxation and slave training!

We arrived in the late afternoon and the house was full of men. Mr. Bratman has a standing rule that all subs/boys/slaves etc. are always gloved and booted in his house, so it was easy to tell the Tops from the bottoms. I could see I would be a welcome addition to the gathering since the  Sirs, Masters and Tops seemed to be in the minority.

I was hoping to see boy paul from Texas there. We had chatted on recon and he seemed like he would be a fun boy to train. Right after we arrived I ran into boy steven who I had met at Folsom last year and also chatted with on Recon. There were many other men in various gear some were having dinner, some were downstairs in the very well appointed dungeon (Mr. Bratman does not do anything half-hearted) and some more were upstairs taking naps. Mr. Bratman estimated that at it's peak the gathering had 40-45 guests in attendance. The slave and I made two more.

We brought our luggage in and the slave put on its rubber gear. I directed the slave to gather up a couple of other boys and move the gear from the truck into the dungeon. Then we gathered in the sitting room with the others for a quick bite. I did see boy paul from Texas, but because of scheduling we did not get a chance to connect over the weekend, more about that later.

I commented to boy steve that after dinner I wanted to see him in his muzzle. I took my pup slave to the dungeon and gave it the tour. We checked out the barber station, the isolation closet, the cell, the main dungeon room with the cage and cross. We walked through the dungeon bedroom and the storage room where all the straight jackets and other bondage suits were hung. We saw the tall standing cage and the larger kennel cage. I also had the opportunity to check out the new rooms added since my last visit. First there was the new bathroom with working urinal and shower and then there was the new utility room with sling, hanging suspension table and hanging isolation box.

During the tour I discovered Mr. Bratman had a new neoprene straight jacket from Mr. S and I immediately determined that the slave would be wearing it.

Here is the slave wearing the neoprene straight jacket. The jacket is worn over the slaves full rubber catsuit. The slave is also wearing rubber gloves and calf high blue rugby socks. On its feet the slave is wearing its brand new Wesco Engineer Boots that I had custom made for the slave. The slave is wearing a neoprene jock which is covering its slave dick still locked in the CB-6000. The slave has a small electro-plug inserted in its hole connected to the E232 Eros Tek portable TENS unit. The slave is gagged with a rubber plug gag.

Bound like this I let the slave loose to wander around the dungeon and check out the action. In particular it spent some time watching another boy in a straight jacket get lifted upside down off the ground with the hoist.

While the slave was wandering I took the opportunity to talk with boy steve. boy steve is on a journey of self discovery and is beginning to realize that there may be a slave inside just waiting to come out. boy steve was there at Mr. Bratman's invitation had had already under gone two days of bondage training but was still eager for more. By the end of the weekend I started calling boy steve pigbear (which by coincidence is similar to the name he uses on Recon BDSMpigbear) so I am going to start using that name here.

I put my rubber slave on the bondage bed and since pigbear was watching I decided it was not too soon to begin training him.

My rubberslave bound and on the dungeon bondage bed

My rubber slave enjoying the electro plug stimulating its prostate.

I locked a muzzle (5 locks) on pigbear and then added locking, leather fist mitts and connected the muzzle collar to the mitts with chains and locks. Under the muzzle was a rubber mouth plug. pigbear is a muscle bear and just looks very natural in chains.

pigbear in mitts, muzzle and chains

pigbear and my rubberslave "pup" together

It was time to attend to pup and I did not want pigbear wandering too far too easily so I attached the mitts and the collar to ankle restraints locked over the pigbear's boots. The pigbear stayed chained and muzzled like this for five hours.
pigbear in bondage

I had pup on the bed bound in the straight jacket and gagged. I proceeded to abuse its balls, something I never get tired of doing and something it enjoys very much. I used the typical instruments of torture, baseball bat, ping pong paddle and a new black rubber paddle I purchased at The Leatherman in NYC.
The pup was on edge and the poppers I was force feeding it just heightened the experience.

I removed the CB-6000 and the slaves dick was rock hard. I soaked my gloved hand in gun oil and started stroking. I had promised the slave a reward so I gave the slave permission to cum when ever it wanted to. The challenge was the pain the slave was experience. After 3 months in chastity the slaves dick was highly sensitive to touch. Especially the underside. I knew the slaves dick would feel like it had been rubbed raw, as if it had been jerking off dry for hours. The slave was experiencing both pleasure and pain as I jerked it off to orgasm. Right after it shot a load the pleasure quotient dropped and the pain level increased and the slave started begging, for me to stop touching it, the whole time more cum kept pouring out of it. Unfortunately I did not get this explosive moment on video.*

*note-I did not get to train boy paul from Texas but we did talk a bit. boy paul witnessed the scene and promised to write an account of it which, when I receive it I will post here. (boy paul and pigbear also talked about having t-shirts made that proclaimed they witnessed the event.)

There were quite a few witnesses standing around who saw the slave shoot a load after 10 horny weeks. Needless to say the slave was exhausted. Since the whole underside of its dick was sore I did not have to be concerned about the slave touching itself so I let it be free of the CB-6000 until it heals.

pup, pigbear and I went up to the sitting room for the reminder of the evening. I smoked my pipe while  pup and pigbear sat by my feet and we enjoyed the company, and conversation, of the men who had gathered for the weekend.

pigbear gives me a thumbs up (note the keys dangling from the wrist. I lock them to one of the locks so I don't have to worry about misplacing them once we were out of the dungeon. pigbear can't get to them since it is mitted.)

pigbear sitting by my feet. (pup had moved over to sit by Mr. Bratman and talk with Him)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keeping My rubberslave On Edge

Work has kept me and my slave very busy. For a short period the slave even had two jobs and summer is my busiest time of the year. But things have slowed down a bit so we have found the time to get some serious training in.

The slave is still in chastity. The slave understands it will live in chastity as long as it is my property. The periods between draining its balls have gotten longer and longer. The last time I let the slave cum was on its birthday, July 22. The next time will be at a bondage party at Mr. Bratman's in North Carolina on October 6th a total of 76 days!

In the meantime I like to keep the slave on edge. The slave responds well to ball beatings so I do that frequently. Slapping them and punching them. This gets the slave hard and keeps it frustrated.

Getting the room organized for bondage training has been a slow process but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the gear is now accesible and the bed is set up. Next week I should have the cage in place too.

Last Saturday the slave and I took time out for a bondage session. I chained the slave to the bed, muzzled, gagged, blinfolded, fist mitts and plugged and then kept it on edge for two and a half hours. The slave is extremely horny and very responsive.

Here are some pics and a video. Enjoy!