Thursday, August 15, 2013

Can't belive it is August already. So many months without a posting. I hope to do some catching up over the next few days. Today is my birthday and I have pigbear visiting for a few days. I will put the bondage slave to work around the house while I catch up here.

I need to post about a number of our adventures:
  • The journey to Michigan with Canadian pig and pup
  • pup's relief from chastity in April
  • canadian pig's visit in June along with a gimp from Boston
  • pup's chastity relief in July
I have pictures to post and videos to edit, but hopefully I can be caught up by Monday evening.


MAL Aftermath

Immediately after MAL I had to travel to Chicago so I sent the pup and the Canadian pig home on the train. While in the Washington DC train station they purchased two shirst which they had on when I returned from my trip. They are both wearing the new neoprene gas masks we picked up from Mr. S while were at MAL.

The pig was with us till the following Tuesday, January 22nd, so we had five days of bondage training to look forward to.