Friday, February 21, 2014

Canadian pig Marathon Session Part Three

Right now all the videos of pigs Marathon Bondage Session are posted on X-Tube as well as a bonus video featuring my pup slave. I am having trouble uploading quality videos here on Blogspot but I should have it worked out soon. In the mean time head over to X-Tube.

The Bondage Boss on X-Tube

These are all the videos I shot of the Canadian pigs visit with me after we attended MAL in January 2013. Up next are some videos from his visit to the house last April. I'll probably post those on Sunday.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Canadian pig Marathon Bondage Session Continues

Around 2:00am I checked on the pig. it had been in bondage for 3 1/2 hours. I stood watching it as it moved and squirmed on the bed trying to relieve some of the discomfort it was feeling. The pig tried to stretch it shoulders and arms. it tried to raise its legs and stretch them too. At each effort it was hindered from finding comfort by the tight rubber sack. There was no relief for the rubberpigobject.

Finally I revealed that I was present by touching it. The pig let out a moan of pleasure that was very satisfying. That's how a pig slave should sound when it knows the Master is present. The pig was very happy I was there. The pig tried to communicate the discomfort it was feeling but it knew better than to ask to be let out. And besides as uncomfortable as it was, the pig craved this. The pig loved the reality of no release bondage.

I wanted to get some real sleep so after four hours (2:30am) of bondage I released the restraints on the pigs ankles and neck so it would not have any major distress in the night. I dozed for two hours and then checked in on the pig at the six hour mark (4:30am). After that I went to bed for a few hours sleep. I left the monitor on so I would hear the pig if it needed me, but I knew it was in a state of bondage bliss and would be fine for the night.

After 9 hours of bondage the pig was released (7:30am). When my slavepup woke up in the morning  the slave released the pig from the rubber sleepsack before it left for work. As instructed by me the slave put locking fist mitts on the pig. The pig was allowed to crawl into bed with its sleeping Master. The hooded, gagged, pig; plugged and locked in chastity with locked fist mitts, on curled up in the arms of its SIR and took a nap. The pig was horny and eager to serve SIR so at some point in the morning it pushed out its gag and went down on SIR'S Cock. While it was a pleasure to wake up with my cock enclosed in a warm pig hole, the pig would have to be taught a lesson about pushing out gags.

Note - I will continue to post the videos here as well as describe the training activities that the slave and pigs under go but, if you want to see better HD quality versions of the videos check out my
X-Tube page The Bondage Boss X-Tube Videos

Canadian pig Marathon Bondage Session

The afternoon nap in the sleepsack was just the beginning of the pig's marathon bondage session. The pig had been visiting with us since MAL. Directly after MAL I had to go to a conference in Chicago. When I returned I started the pig on five days of bondage training. The pig spent the afternoon in the sleepsack. The pig was released for dinner and a little social time with my slave pup and then it was bedtime.

The pig went back into the sleepsack for a extended bondage session.

After the pig was settled I went to put my slave to bed and then I came back and checked up on the pig. I gave it some poppers and then talked with it a bit. Well I talked and the pig grunted. I explained what it could expect from the next few days bondage training.

I placed headphones on the pig and connected an iPod. I had made an mp3 file of my voice talking to the pig helping it to accept and need to be a rubberpigobject. I turned out the light and let the pig drift away in bondage bliss while I worked on my computer in the next room. After about 3 hours I checked in on the pig.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Canadian pig and a Quiet Afternoon-March 2013 Part Two

While a big part of my bondage training is in long term confinement, until I know what the slave I am training is capable of I do check on them frequently. Sometimes they don't know I'm in the room and other times I will provide some increased stimulation.

This was the third time I was spending some serious training time with the pig and by now I knew it could do pretty well in the sleepsack on it's own. So after I had the pig settled in for it's nap I came back with an iPod and some headphones. This helped cut out some of the noise that was coming from through the windows. The iPod had a recording I made for the pig that was looped and just repeated over and over about every 20 minutes. The recording was my voice encouraging the pig to crave and need and desire the bondage training I provided.

With the pig settled in I left it alone for about two hours while i did some work in the next room.

When I checked on the pig around 2:30 I increased the electro stimulation just to remind the pig that I was in control.

I left the pig alone again and continued my work. I came back around 4:00pm and this time I force fed the pig more poppers and increased the electro again. The pig was having a very good time.

I left the pig alone again until my slave came home from work. I had the slave get into its neoprene gear and I let it cuddle up with the pig for a while. I finally released the pig around 8:30pm. It was a very happy and blissed out pig.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Canadian pig and a Quiet Afternoon-March 2013

It was the first day of the pigs visit to NYC in late March 2013. pupslave was at work and I was at home with the pig on my day off. I had some stuff to do that the pig couldn't help me with so I thought I should just put it away for a nice bondage nap. Around 12:30 in the afternoon I prepared the pig for a rubber bondage training session.

I placed the pig in the rubber sleepsack. The electro butt plug from MR. S was where it belonged in the pig's hole. The pig's dick was locked up in the CB-6000 and had been for a couple of weeks. The pig's head was covered with a rubber hood and the pig was gagged with a neoprene gag  and there was a neoprene blindfold in place.  The pig was quite happy as I talked to it about it's future training and fed it some poppers before leaving it for a few hours. My plan was to keep the pig in bondage until 6:30pm.

Video -Canadian pig Hogtied - March 2013

Here is a long delayed video. The Canadian pig visited me in NYC and then, for family reasons, we took a road trip to Michigan. I spent one afternoon in the motel room training the pig to be in a severe hogtie. I attached a chain from a muzzle to it's feet, putting a lot of strain on its neck. The pig could only tolerate this for short periods and was grateful to SIR when it was given relief.

The pig was in a rubber catsuit from E7Gear. It was hooded and muzzeld witha plug gag under the hood. I used assorted chains and restraints to effectively hogtie it and then inserted an electro plug from Mr. S. I fed it poppers and alternate forcing its head to be pulled back and letting it relax.

I used two cameras. One hand held like I usually do and the second camera to capture the pigs face. A fun experiment that I will have to try again. I didn't edit out the double dialogue. Speaking of editing I find iMovie11 it is a lot less user friendly than iMovie 09.

I always tried to post new videos here first before making them available on Xtube but size constraints mean the quality is not as good so I may start posting videos straight to XTube and leave the blog for photos and notes.