Monday, February 17, 2014

Canadian pig and a Quiet Afternoon-March 2013 Part Two

While a big part of my bondage training is in long term confinement, until I know what the slave I am training is capable of I do check on them frequently. Sometimes they don't know I'm in the room and other times I will provide some increased stimulation.

This was the third time I was spending some serious training time with the pig and by now I knew it could do pretty well in the sleepsack on it's own. So after I had the pig settled in for it's nap I came back with an iPod and some headphones. This helped cut out some of the noise that was coming from through the windows. The iPod had a recording I made for the pig that was looped and just repeated over and over about every 20 minutes. The recording was my voice encouraging the pig to crave and need and desire the bondage training I provided.

With the pig settled in I left it alone for about two hours while i did some work in the next room.

When I checked on the pig around 2:30 I increased the electro stimulation just to remind the pig that I was in control.

I left the pig alone again and continued my work. I came back around 4:00pm and this time I force fed the pig more poppers and increased the electro again. The pig was having a very good time.

I left the pig alone again until my slave came home from work. I had the slave get into its neoprene gear and I let it cuddle up with the pig for a while. I finally released the pig around 8:30pm. It was a very happy and blissed out pig.

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