Saturday, January 28, 2012

slave back in chastity

Saturday, January 28, 2012 3:00 PM - the slave is back in chastity for an undetermined period. Pictures to follow. Device is the Mr. S Boy Trainer 2.0 (aka Birdlock).

Why shop at Mr. S

There are lots of reasons to shop at Mr. S Leathers in San Francisco.

  • Great selection to fit every fetish.
  • Sales people that know their stuff.
  • The ability to "test" gear.
  • Lots of hot customers walking around
Now here is another reason. A commitment to customer satisfaction.

Back in November my slave's chastity device broke.

We had purchased the Boy Trainer 2.0 at Mr. S in September and the manufacturer guaranteed it against all defects, but we were still very concerned that weeks after moving to NYC it had broken. I had the slave contact Mr. S and, after sending pics showing the problem the staff at Mr. S sent a replacement, no questions asked and no extra charges.

I was very pleased by this commitment to customer satisfaction and that is why i will always be a Mr. S customer.

Look for pics of my rubber slave locked in his new device coming soon.