Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friday Night Bondage Session Video

Here is the video from last night's bondage session. My rubber pup slave is plugged with an electro plug from Mr. S. The slave is wearing a rubber cat suit, rubber shorts with cod piece removed, rubber toe socks and rubber Tabi boots from Japan.

The slave is wearing a molded rubber hood, rubber gag with breathing tube and neoprene collar and blindfold. The slave is locked into rubber fist mitts and chained to a wooden chair. I eventually added electro wires to its ball sack too.

The slave is locked ina CB-6000 and has been locked in since it was allowed to cum two weeks ago.

rubber pig object is watching on cam from Seattle. The pig is also in head to toe rubber, hooded, plugged and gagged.

The slave was bound to the chair for just about two hours. it enjoyed the pain/pleasure of the elctro plug and other tortures as I chatted with the pig in Seattle. Enjoy!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Another Friday Night Session For The rubberslave

I had another chat with the rubber pig in Seattle last night and while I talked with the pig I kept my rubberslave close by  in bondage, helpless and suffering. The rubberslave was in head to toe rubber, including new rubber toe socks and Tabi boots. The slave was hooded, gagged, blindfolded and collared. The slave was plugged with an electro plug and the slaves cock was locked in the CB-6000. I let the slave cum two weeks ago so it was to early for another load. I force fed it poppers,  tortured the slaves balls and added electro wires to its ball sack to keep things interesting.

The pig in Seattle enjoyed watching the slave in NYC struggle and squirm via cam. The slave was in bondage for two hours before I released it. Here are the pics and I'll post a video later.