Monday, April 9, 2012

E-Mail From A True Bondage Pig

I recieved the following e-mail and pictures from a serious bondage pig that I know. The pig 
wanted to share the thoughts that had been keeping it awake and horny at night. The pig is 
very serious about finding a life of real captivity where it can exist completely as an object, 
the property of a Master/Owner. 

The pictures of slaves bound in gimp suits are from the internet  and might be familiar to many of you, but they fit the pig's e-mail very well. Enjoy!

The pig lay awake at night with far too many thoughts running through its head, 
enticing its desire and distracting its already cluttered mind. pig, always and 
only known as "pig" surrendered its once human identity that never truly fit it. 
The name it was given, the life it led and suffered through, always feeling out 
of place, it's concept of being "human" was thrust upon it by parents who could 
never have known what it truly was. Society, generally incapable of accepting  
or even understanding anything that doesn't fit into nice, neat categories never 
even allowed the room or the possibility of the pig, or others like it, to even 
think or fantasize about living as something other than a person. "People" that 
are found out to think like that are labeled (since that's what society does) as 
sick, deviants, depraved or mentally ill. Society forces its limiting and static 
concept of what everyone must be like onto these "people" continually trying to 
eradicate that part of them that doesn't fit with the masses, destroying the 
soul in the process, replacing it with a given identity that for the most part, 
gets them through life, but it's a life led without meaning or substance. Colors 
are dull, there are no highs of emotion or sense of belonging or of a pig's 
place in the universe.

So it's no great surprise that for the lucky few pigs who ever even get a taste 
of what their life could truly be like, that they become confused and tortured 
by their awakenings. pig lived its entire life in the delusion that it could 
function and live as a person but never managing to really do so. it remained 
alone, never having anyone to submit to that knew how to treat and keep a pig. 
Neither Handler nor pig ever experiencing the joys of having found the other. 
pig, with it's freedom, was lost. Floundering alone with no direction nor sense 
of purpose or being.

When pig met Men who might understand and be able and desirous of keeping and 
training a pig, it's heart and mind would soar, only to crash once again onto 
the hard uncaring rocks. pig discover that even among those who dwelt in the 
fringes as a minority that is all at once misunderstood, feared by some and 
revered by others, that it was nearly alone. Occasionally only finding other 
potentially like minded pigs that also did not have an Owner. pig's lonelilness 
and sense of hopelessness only grew deeper with each failure and disappointment.

Deep down pig knew what it truly needed but could never admit, particularly for 
fear of the wrong kind of ridicule and rejection. it needs to not be viewed nor 
treated as a person. a pig is not an equal of anything and even resides below 
slaves. Below SIR'S slave especially. slaves are given responsibilities, they're 
allowed freedoms either for themselves or to accomplish the tasks and 
expectations set to them by their Masters. a pig, at least this pig, deserves no 
freedom. Ever. pig needs to be reshaped into what it truly is and allowed and 
taken into becoming the object, pet and toy it is by a Man, Master, Owner and 
Handler Who knows the pig more than it knows itself. pig is a danger to itself, 
always trying for more but on its own and never succeeding fully. pig is a thing 
to be owned, always kept in inescapable bondage and captivity. Not that it would 
tend to want to escape its pig life, but it would have weak moments, brought on 
by its former bad behaviors of freedom and sense of independence that w forced 
upon it by society. pigs and even slaves do need the Strength and Control of a 
Master to help and hold them to their true identities through the rough times. 
In return, pigs give back unyielding devotion and loyalty. Utter dependence and 
a mixture of fear and joy at the presence of its Owner.

pig has no name. it has no identity other than pig, which its Owner recognizes 
and encourages and enforces. pigs aren't human creatures at all, they are made 
of rubber and leather. Supple and smooth at times, stiff and creaky at others. 
At times a pig may be utterly rigid as its skin is plaster, or it may be held 
together with rolls upon rolls of plastic wrap and duct tape to keep the pig 
from falling apart. a pig will be put to use or totally ignored. Even when being 
ignored though, a pig pleases its Owner because HE owns it, knows that and knows 
right exactly where HE left the pig. pig might be used as an artful object left 
in bondage to be looked at and enjoyed by its Owner. pig might be trussed into 
difficult or painful bondage, simply for its Owner's amusement. To watch and 
listen to its pathetic struggles and the pig's internal conflict between 
remaining in the bondage it must remain in, that it needs, and wanting to be 
free of the pain of that same bondage. These are the things that can please an 

pig can be used for The Master's services, as a foot rest, a chair, a table. it 
is manual labor, cleaning the floor while barely able to move in its chains and 
certainly not able to even stand up. pig might cook and serve yet never be 
allowed to eat the same food as The Master. Many slaves eat from a bowl on the 
floor, and for the few times pig is allowed solid food, it too struggles to eat 
from a bowl on the floor. Te rest of the time, the majority of the time, pig is 
fed only liquids through it's tube gag. At times, the tube is extended down into 
the pig's stomach so that it is simply filled and the pig is removed from being 
allowed to taste or swallow or have any control whatsoever as to what it put 
into its stomach. All it knows is that suddenly its stomach is full and it has 
its Master to thank for it. Although since the pig is always gagged, it is 
unable to thank Him verbally. Even for the exceedingly rare times it isn't 
gagged, the pig is forbidden to speak first as it can only respond to The 
Master. In this respect, it is further emphasized that the pig is unable to ask 
for anything for itself. it does not, and can not complaint nor protest, nor 
would it want to, the only time it ever communicates anything in its own, is to 
prevent its Master's property from becoming damaged.

pig endures pain and suffering for its Owner and its existance. The bondage and 
captivity it is always subjected to takes its toll on even a pig's body. The 
positions the pig is kept in, or inability to move frequently cause the pig pain 
and discomfort but as long as there isn't damage, the pig is grateful to be kept 
in such an existance. pig will at times spend much of its time alone and in 
solitude, perhaps often not knowing what time of day it is, or what day it is, 
nor even how long it has been in a situation or how long that will continue. 
None of that is for the pig to know. it only knows that it is not human but some 
kind of human animal, that its Owner keeps for His enjoyment. pig is utterly 
dependent on its Owner for everything, it's incapable of fending or providing 
for itself. pig has no identity, no name, no face. it is kept hooded and sealed 
at all times to reinforce its de-humanity. When it's Owner has guests, and if 
the pig is allowed or required to be among them, it is still hooded and gagged 
so that it may not speak to anyone. it's "face" is only that which its Owner 
gives it, which are hoods.

And as pig still lays awake at night, feeling so close yet so impossibly far 
from tearing itself away from the Devil-known that is the life society so 
cruelly forced upon it, it imagines itself as its Owner's gimp pet. a pathetic 
creature really. it has a rubber or especially "cruelly" a leather skin. it's 
leather skin being thick and even more restrictive, not allowing the pig much 
movement. its arms and legs are folded up stumps and the pig slowly crawls along 
the floor with its pig head lower than its ass. the pig has no face, no 
features. its skin is a smooth, nearly featureless landscape of rubber or 
leather with only an opening which allows the pig to breathe, a tube. Or perhaps 
even better and more cruelly, an odd snout that strongly resembles a respirator 
mask to which its Owner delights in attaching a bag to. Usually filled with 
poppers so that this pathetic pig can't even control what little, weak movement 
it has. the pig lives in darkness like this as its head is featureless except 
for its opening for air, how it moves around on its own, when allowed or 
commanded to is both sad and amusing as it must navigate only by bumping its 
head into objects and walls in order to find its way around. Often times though, 
The Owner will lead pig around on a leash, taking it with HIM around HIS home 
just to keep it close, give it a weird kind of exercise and to enjoy just having 
a gimp pig to lead around.

In the evenings when SIR relaxes, the pig is still in its gimp skin, aching and 
suffering but doing so without a sound. SIR relaxes in a chair a pulls the gimp 
near to HIM on the floor where it lives, commanding it to get comfortable if it 
can, and HE watches a movie or two or has a conversation with HIS slave. 
Occasionally HE reaches down and puts HIS hand on the back of the gimp pig's 
head, maybe even with a rare gesture of affection, the way any Owner might care 
of a pet and stroking or petting the rubber or leather pig. HE might even give a 
little tug on the leash and gently say "Good pig". But most likely the pig 
wouldn't hear that gentle sentiment because it's ears are plugged under its 
hood. it only exists in bondage and darkness next to its Owner.

These pictures are culled from the internet and are not my property. If the owner sees them 
and wants them removed please let me know. Thanks. Boss

Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Haircut

The slave went to the NYC Eagle Thursday night and had its haircut by Jake the Barber. In case you have forgotten what the slave looks like, since most of the the pictures of the slave that I post it is hooded, here it is with the new haircut.