Monday, October 11, 2010

Cigars...Pipes & Boots Fundraiser

Do you know pony? He's a great boy and a good slave and was recently awarded the title of Mr. Alameda Leather 2010.

Over the years pony has worked tirelessly to support the leather community and as Mr. Alameda leather he is doing even more.

Please come out and support his first fundraiser Saturday November 6th at the World Famous Turf Club in Hayward.

Raffles, Prizes, Food, Boot-black, Cigars, pipes, Boots and Men. Proceeds will be donated to the Lighthouse Community Center in Hayward.

Come out and help make pony's first fundraiser a big success.

Put it on your calendar. 11/6/2010 4PM to 8PM

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Pup and I went to the Urge Party at The Citadel last night. Felix joined us and we had some good old fashioned rubber fun. We met up with some old friends and made some new ones. If you are interested in becoming a member of The Citadel or attending events just check out their web site. I don't have pics from our play since they are not allowed but both Felix and pup were sealed up in rubber sleepsacks.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I think he has it right

A slave on Recon, looking for a Master, had this as his introductory tag line:

"slave looking for master to train into submission"

It often seems like the slaves have the control and train the Masters and Tops on how to treat them.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Castro Street fair with pup and Felix

Saturday night with pup: Part 2 - pup gets a treat

I allowed pup to cum.

pup on Saturday night

As I mentioned in an earlier post, while I was editing movies and sorting photos, pup was bound up in the sleepsack, behind me on the bed. I had the cam on so guys in the Recon chat rooms could take a look and occasionally I would take a break from blogging to work on his rubber encased balls. Here are some pics and video.

boy mark on edge

pup was stroking boy mark, but he wasn't allowed to cum. it was very stressful for him. This is the last of the Folsom videos.

Three rubber boys Folsom 2010 - part 2

Three rubber boys Folsom 2010

pup, boy mark and boy mikey were all ahving fun in the play space. mikey was in head to toe rubber with just a breathing tube built into the hood. mark was in the sleepsack and pup was having fun with both of them.

Breath Control with boy mikey

boy mikey wanted to try some breath control so I experimented with him a littel bit. Sorry about the camerawork, pup didn't frame things too well for some of it.

Pics from Stompers Boot Party

Here are some pics I took at Stompers Folsom Boot Party

More updates from Folsom

So all week I planned on putting pup in the sleepsack on the bed and leave him there while I updated Recon and the blog from Folsom. But one thing or another kept interfering and I didn't get around to it until today.

So pup is in the sleepsack He has a rubber cock sheath on and I have been giving him poppers and beating his balls. I'll post some pics and video from that later. While he is occupied, here are some pics from Folsom.

pup, rubcop, pup morty and boy mikey

Paul, Rubcop (aka Felix) and Larry

boy mikey and Carlos

pup morty

Paul, Rubcop and Larry

Will, pup and Dogbruin