Sunday, September 26, 2010

boy mark and boy mickey

mark returned from his cross country trip and brought boy mikey with him. I have not seen mikey since Folsom 2006 when I had the three boys in chains. It was good to have him back and put him in some bondage. boy mark was exhausted from his travels so we left him in the sleepsack, on the bondage board, and every once in a while pup and I tormented him. I tried some breath control on mikey while he was chained to a chair and then I put a severe rubber hood on him with a gag and breathing tube and left him in there for almost an hour. boy mark wanted to cum so we took him to the edge, but he didn't shoot right away so we made him wait.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spunkycub came to visit.

pup's friend Spunkycub came to visit and we had some fun with him. Dogbruin was here too. After dinner. Spunkycub put on his rubbers and we chained him to the bondage board and worked him over for more than an hour. he didn't want to cum so we kept bringing him close and backing down and then up again. good fun was had by all.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hi all,
Sorry for the period of inactivity but pup and I have been a bit under the weather. pup wasn't feeling well around Labor Day and whatever he had, he gave to me. I have been tired, my body ached and I was not in the mood to keep boys tied up. But whatever it was; it seems to have passed and I am beginning to feel like my old self again. Plus with Folsom just 10 days away there is some prep work to be done. Felix is arriving from Sweden on Tuesday and boy Mikey is coming into town on Friday. Unfortunately due to family issues I believe pig is going to have to cancel his trip. But with Dogbruin, pup and boy mark, I think there will be plenty of boys to put into bondage. look for updates soon.

Mr. Joe

Monday, September 6, 2010

pig in training

pig is up in seattle planning his upcoming bondage trip. He likes to put on his rubber around the apartment and he sent me a pic.

he is also locked up in a cb-6000 for some chastity training.

Saturday update

Dogbruin came out of the box at 5:15 none the worse for wear and enjoyed the experience. We all relaxed and had some dinner and then went out for ice cream. Yum! When we got back we put pup in the sleepsack on the bed. the chastity device was removed and we proceeded to torment him to the point of climax. he had a big smile on his face.

Here are some pics of the device on pup.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

video - Dogbruin in the box

DogBruin in the box.

As I write this DogBruin is locked in the isolation box. He is sealed up in a rubber sleepsack and strapped down. His cock and balls are wired with electro. he has a rubber plug gag in his mouth and it is held in place with a muzzle. he is listening to music alternating with hypnosis files courtesy of poppers are being introduced thru the air supply system

he went in the box at 3 PM and we checked on him about 50 minutes later. We added some tit clamps and stroked his cock and gave him some poppers directly. We closed him up and then thirty minutes later checked on him again and removed the tit clamps. He's now on his second hour with no end in sight.

While dogbruin was enduring his isolation bondage I worked over pup who has been in chastity for a week. I just kept him hard and edged him until he was insane with pup horniness. To take his mind off things I had him service me to an enjoyable climax. pup is still locked up.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

help the Boss buy $100 worth of new gear.

One of the biggest challenges of being a bondage top is having a good assortment of gear. I have a nice collection but there are certain pieces of I could use.

Right now is having a contest. The 3 member that refers the most new members to their social network,, in the month of September, will receive a $100 gift certificate to is a completely free social network to meet other Leatherman. There is no fee to join. You can join and meet other leatherman who share your interests. It features messaging, pics, video, ect.

If you like sign up by using the following link and I will get credit for the referral.

(if the link does not work please cut and paste into your browser.)

Thanks for signing up.

Mr. Joe

pig in gimp training -relaxing after a hard day

As I mentioned last week pig is coming for a bondage vacation during Folsom. We are planning a week of gimp style bondage. pig is busy getting himself in shape by gearing up at home. Here are four pictures he sent me yesterday. I think you will enjoy seeing these.

here is the description of what he is wearing (including typos):

Thick tight catsuit with toe socks, thick gloves, two hoods, nose tubes, gas mask with my xontinuous poppers delivery system and itd pig cock under a cup and the jock you ordered it to wear. Oh, and a beer for my drinking tube!