Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Bondage Boss Returns to San Francisco

I still have a lot more to post about the visits from the Seattle pig and the Canadian pig but they will have to wait. Life has taken an unexpected turn. I have been promoted at work and being sent west again back to the Bay Area. I have a lot of preparations to make in a short amount of time.  watch here for updates.


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Canadian pig Training Day Seven: Part Two - More Bondage For The pig

Friday night continued with more bondage for the pig. The pig had requested some standing bondage that I had done to pigbear last August.

the pig was covered in head to toe rubber. It's ankles were restrained and it was in the E7 rubber straight jacket that was padlocked on in six places. Over the rubber hood was a leather head harness. The harness covered a rubber plug gag in the pig's mouth. The harness was connected to a pulley overhead that held the pig in place. The pig had an electro plug in its pighole. I attached the popper mask to the pig's face with a rubber harness to facilitate giving the pig heavy popper doses. The pig was in pig heaven as I increased the tension on the hood, amped up the setting on the plug and kept feeding it poppers. Unfortunately, while the pig was fully aroused it was locked in a chastity device and could only try to hump the device as best it could.

After a while the pig struggled with the position so I spread it legs and attached chains under its arm pits to the wall. This gave the pig more stability as it struggled in the bondage.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Morning October 9, 2013 10:40 AM

I will return with more updates about the Canadian pig and the other activities going on in my home while I enjoy a well deserved vacation. But right now I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Seattle pig.

The pig is here for object training. The pig's ultimate desire is to become a rubber pig object and live in bondage captivity. It arrived here Monday evening and was put into rubber and has remained in it ever since. The pig was given a brief supervised shower on Tuesday night. The pig has been in my home for 40 hours and it has been hooded, gagged and bound in my presence the entire time. pup and Canadian pig see to its needs and I take care of its training. Right now it is behind me locked in the cage where it has been since 11PM last night and where it will spend most of the day.

Canadian pig Training Day Seven: Part One - A Visit From A Local pig

For a few months now I have been in contact with a local rubber pig who desperately wants to be in the same bondage situation as my Seattle pig in the below video. The NYC pig has been very eager sending me texts and messages hoping to meet up and experience a bondage training session.

On Friday I finally relented and made time for the pig. The pig arrived at the house around 4:20 in the afternoon and by 4:40 it was fully sealed in rubber and tightly hogtied in chains. it was in pig heaven, squirming and moaning and its pig dick rock hard most of the time. The pig was force fed poppers on a regular basis and humped the floor with each popper rush. The pig was flexible and had good endurance and lasted 2 hours in various hogtie positions. When it was released it was a grateful pig and I have already received more e-mails and texts from it begging for another session.

Seattle pig in full rubber hogtie December 2006

Here are some pics of the NYC pig. Video will be posted soon.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Canadian pig Training Day 6 - pig Watches gimp

A hero and role model for a all rubber bondage slaves is RubberDom and rubbergimp in the UK. These two men have been providing hours and hours of video showing the very serious training of rubbergimp. The Canadian pig is a big fan of RubberDom and rubbergimp so tonight I bound it to a chair and allowed it to watch over two hours of gimp training while force feeding the pig poppers.

The pig is in its E7 catsuit, molded rubber hood and Tabi boots. The pig is wearing a leather posture collar and has leather fist mitts locked on. The pig is gagged with a rubber plug gag with breathing tube from Mr. S.

A wide rubber bondage belt form E7 binds the pig to the chair and its wrist and ankles are locked to the sides of the chair. The pig is locked into a CB-6000 and for the first 30 minutes had to endure clamps on its very sensitive nipples. Of course its pig hole was stuffed with an electro plug

I started the videos and left the pig alone to enjoy itself after giving it a dose of poppers. I came back to check on it every 20 minutes and I increased the amount of poppers and the setting on the electro plug. During the first visit the pig was whimpering to have the tit clamps removed. I agreed, since I wanted this session to be more about the pigs arousal than pain. The pig loved watching the gimp be put through its paces and I could tell it is eager for me to try many of the same things on it. After 2 hours and 30 minutes I released the pig from the chair and put it to bed still collared, gagged, plugged and locked in fist mitts, with its pig dick straining inside the chastity device.

While I was at work pup and pig also finished making the bondage board. I will use that on the pig tomorrow.

Special thanks to RubberDom and Rubbergimp whose work is an inspiration to all Bondage Masters and slaves.

Here are pictures from the session. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day 5

Sunday was a free choice day for pig and pup and they chose to spend the day outside. I think they feel it is necessary to make sure I occasionally get some fresh air and sunlight.

Monday was another work day so the pig made arrangements to meet with a Bondage Top here in NYC who would put pig through its paces. From what the pig told me it had a lot of fun and received some quite strenuous bondage treatment. I was told pictures were taken so I will post them as soon as I have them.