Thursday, October 10, 2013

Canadian pig Training Day Seven: Part Two - More Bondage For The pig

Friday night continued with more bondage for the pig. The pig had requested some standing bondage that I had done to pigbear last August.

the pig was covered in head to toe rubber. It's ankles were restrained and it was in the E7 rubber straight jacket that was padlocked on in six places. Over the rubber hood was a leather head harness. The harness covered a rubber plug gag in the pig's mouth. The harness was connected to a pulley overhead that held the pig in place. The pig had an electro plug in its pighole. I attached the popper mask to the pig's face with a rubber harness to facilitate giving the pig heavy popper doses. The pig was in pig heaven as I increased the tension on the hood, amped up the setting on the plug and kept feeding it poppers. Unfortunately, while the pig was fully aroused it was locked in a chastity device and could only try to hump the device as best it could.

After a while the pig struggled with the position so I spread it legs and attached chains under its arm pits to the wall. This gave the pig more stability as it struggled in the bondage.

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