Sunday, September 29, 2013

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day 4 11:00am

I went to bed around 5am and slept soundly till about 10:30. I woke the pup had it make the coffee while I checked on the pig. The pig was fast asleep in it's bondage, snoring lightly.

I had the pup wake the pig and bring it onto the bed. I let the two slaves take turns sucking my Cock. Nothing puts a slave in a better state of mind than than starting the day serving its Master.

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day Three - After Midnight Part Two

Throughout the night I checked on the pig. I would increase or decrease the electro, add poppers and otherwise keep it aroused and off balanced. The pig had no idea of what time it was or when I would leave or return.

Around 4:30 I was awoken from a light doze from slave pup. pup sleeps in rubber and the slave was undoing the snaps on the cod piece of its rubber shorts and manhandling itself. I thought the slave was pleasuring itself in it sleep (it does that from time to time) but I discovered the pup was awake and trying to fix its chastity device. One of the slaves nuts had slipped though the rear ring.  pup was able to make the proper adjustments and put things right. Since the pup had woken me up I decided a little ball beating was in order and slapped the slaves balls with my cupped palm until the slave was fully erect in the device and thanking me over and over again.

I took a break from the strenuous ball beating and had the slave suck my Cock for a while.

Then since I was awake I got up to check on pig.

The entire bed was soaked from sweat coming through the neoprene sleepsack and the sack was soaked to. So I took pig out of it, switched out the neoprene gag with a locking ball gag. I added leather fist mitts and a short chain attached to the collar to keep its hands away from its cock.

By this time the pigs dick was fully erect so I tormented the pig with more poppers and more electro and kept taking the pig to the edge but never let it shoot.

At 5:30am I put the pig to bed for the night. And now its time for me to head to bed. More on Sunday.


Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day Three- After Midnight

Today was another work day for me so the pig and pup were allowed to go sightseeing during the day. In the the evening they met up with me for another dinner out. But bedtime is a different story.

The pig was put to bed in a brand new neoprene sleepsack from Recon. The pig is also hooded with a neoprene hood, gag and collar all from Mr. S. The pig has an electro plug in its hole and it is bedded down for the night.

The bondage is not extreme but its confining. The gag has a breathing tube so the pig can breathe through both mouth and nose.

I force fed the pig some poppers and let it try to hump itself to climax for a little bit then I turned out the light and went to bed.

The pig is in for a long night.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day Two

There actually was no specific training for the pig today. I had to work so the pig spent the day looking at the various gear in the training room and then ran errands for me to Home Depot. The pig and pup met up with me after work for a nice dinner in Manhattan. Somtimes I am nice to my slaves.

Friday, September 27, 2013

pigbear's Visit

The pigbear came to visit in August and what I thought would be a relaxing weekend turned into more of a hectic one. pigbear's visit was part social and part bondage training and I am sorry to admit there was not as much bondage as pigbear or I would have liked.

he did get a spread eagle session and a straight jacket session as well as being forced to cum after a few weeks of denial. here are some pics from the pigbear's visit.

pup Update

Here is an update about slave pup. pup completed it's latest session of chastity training on July 21st. The slave had been locked in chastity for about 18 weeks. The last time it was allowed to cum was the beginning of April. The CB-6000s was locked on pup on April 7th. Prior to that event pup had been allowed to cum in January during MAL.

I prepared the pup in bondage before actually releasing his slave dick and letting it shoot a load. Here are some pics.

The slave was put in a neoprene hood, gag and rubber straight jacket with rubber cod piece shorts. The slave had an electro plug in its slave hole. The slave also had on it's tall Wesco boots  which were shackled at the ankles.

Before releasing the slaves dick I tormented it first with the electro plug and some intense ball beating. Then I unlocked the device and wired up pup's hard dick with more electro and continued to abuse it.

The entire time I force fed it large doses of poppers.

Finally after about an hour of torment I gently stroked the slaves dick and gave it permission to shoot a load and it obeyed  my command almost immediately.

Today is September 27th and the pup has been locked up Since September 1st. because of a bout of kidney stones the slave had a month of un-usual freedom in August. The slave will pay a penalty for that and I do not plan on unlocking the slave until we attend MAL in January.

The pup is a true chastity slave and craves the control of having its useless slave dick locked and under my control. The slave has fantasies of real permanent chastity. The slave should be careful what it wishes for.

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day One 11:30pm

The pig was very happy and excited to be back under the Bosses control. The pig stayed in bondage for a couple of hours. To help focus the pig I did allow it to suck the Bosses Cock for a bit so it could center its mind and remember what it is and what its purpose is. The pig is a rubberpig object and it exists to serve, worship and obey its Master.

After pup came home from work I released the pig and allowed the two slaves to have some time to reconnect. We enjoyed a quiet evening at home with both slaves in their rubber. Before bed we tested a brand new neoprene sleepsack the pig purchased from Recon. the sleepsack is great and I will post some pictures of it in used soon.

Both pup and pig are in bed because tomorrow is a work day.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day One 5:45pm

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day One

Thursday September 26, 2013 - 4:45pm - The pig has arrived safely from Canada. it admitted itself into the house and went straight to the training room as instructed. The pig is preparing itself as a rubber object and will wait for SIR. The pig hopes to please me with the bondage it puts itself into. I left the pig plenty of gear to choose from and lots of locks - no keys of course. I can hear the pig moving around down the hall. Once it gets itself settled and chained in place I will let it wait for a nice long period until it is extremely eager to be in my presence.

Canadain pig Is Visiting

The Canadian pig is coming for a visit. The pig arrives tomorrow afternoon. it will be visiting with me for 20 days. Part of that time we will spend at Mr. Bratman's dungeon in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition the Seattle pig will be visiting for a shorter trip so there should be quite a bit of pig and gimp training going on. 

I know one of the things I will be doing with the pig is chaining it up in front of the computer, and have it edit and post all the videos and pictures I have taken in the past 10 months. I am woefully behind in my blog postings. If I ever get a a full time pig that will definitely be one of its daily tasks.

The pig arrives at Laguardia at 3:45pm. it will take a taxi to the apartment and let itself in. it will proceed directly to the training room and put itself in full rubber bondage so that it presents itself as my rubberpigobject. it will kneel and wait for me as a good pig should

To get things started I have posted the e-mail I sent the pig tonight. It outlines a tenative schedule for the pig and also instructs it on the basics for presenting itself to me tomorrow afternoon.

Keep watching this space for further postings and updates.


E-mail to Canadian rubber pig:

Hello pig,
First of all safe travels today. I am  looking forward to the pigs visit. I miss having the pig here under my control.

Here are a few things to expect for the visit:

Thursday -  the pig will arrive and make the needed prepperations so it can present itself   as a rubber pig object - more about that in a bit.
On Thursday night the pig will not sleep in bondage since both pup and I have to work in the morning.

Friday -  the pig will set an alarm so it is up and brings me my coffee at 8:00 AM
The pig will have a couple of chores to do on Friday. I will outline them on Thursday.
I am home on Friday night but I have to work early Saturday morning so the pig is free to go out with friends if it has already made plans, or it can have a nice quiet night at home.
Since I have to work Saturday morning the pig will not sleep in bondage

Saturday -  The pig will set an alarm and bring me coffee at 8:00AM. pup will probably sleep in.
The pig is free to run amok with pup on Saturday or make other plans
I am off Saturday night. I should be home by 9 unlesss work is busy. Pup and pig can make plans, pup mentioned the Eagle (maybe that was for Friday?)
I am off on Sunday so the pig will sleep in bondage.

Sunday -  pup will wake and free the pig. 
       pig or pup will go to the corner store and purchase the newspaper
Coffee will be served to me at a reasonable time.
pig and pup will make breakfast
pig, pup and Mr. Joe will have an adventure of some sort
I am working on Monday so the pig will not sleep in bondage

Monday -  The pig will set an alarm and bring Mr. Joe coffee at 7 AM
The pig is free to do what ever it wants during the day*
I am off on Tuesday so we will do something on Monday Night
The pig will sleep in bondage on Monday Night

Tuesday -  Mr. Joe will set the pig free when I wake and the pig will prepare coffee
Mr. Joe and pig will run errands and take care of chores
pig, pup and Mr. Joe will do something Tuesday evening
pig will sleep in bondage on Tuesday night

Wednesday - pup will free pig. pig will bring Mr. Joe coffee at 9:30
pig is free to do what it wants for the day and evening
pig will sleep in bondage.

Thursday-  pup will free pig. pig will bring Mr. Joe coffee at 9:30
pig is free to do what it wants for the day and evening
Mr. Joe begins vacation pig will sleep in serious bondage

* if the pig desires to make plans for Monday night to meet friends it may do so.

Friday, Saturday - Bondage - possible visit by some friends
Sunday - Bondage or adventure
Monday - Bondage - pick up Seattle pig from JFK - more bondage
Tuesday - Bondage
Wednesday - Bondage pack for trip
Thursday - travel to Mr Bratman's
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - intense bondage training at Mr. Bratman's facility
Monday - travel back to NYC
Tuesday - relax and recover.

rubberpigobject presentation

When the pig arrives on Thursday the apartemnt door will be unlocked. The pig may or may not have to buzz to get into the building.
The pig should text Mr. Joe when it lands, when it is actually in a taxi, and when it thinks it is in close proximity to the house.

The pig will enter the apartment and go straight into the gear room to get ready. it may use the bathroom if needed.

The pig is then to prepare itself for presentation.

There are some basic rules it must adhere to. 
  1. it must lock on a collar. it may choose which one
  2. it must lock on the rubber bondage belt (padlocks on the front - D ring in the back)
  3. it must attach the long chain on the floor to the back of the collar.
  4. it must use a short chain to connect ankes to the bondage belt so that it must remain in a kneeling position. (Connect the short chain to the rear D ring of the bondage belt and the other end to the center chain of whatever ankle restraints it decides to use. The pig should not be able to stand upright.)
  5. its hands must be restrained behind its back. it can use the locking wrist restraints or the hyatt cuffs
  6. it must be completely covered in rubber
  7. both pig holes need to be plugged. Can use elctro plug if desired. set level to impress.
The pig can choose which gag, hoods, gloves, plug, blindfold, muzzle, collar, restraints etc. it wants to use. it should strive to impress me as to how much it wants to be my rubberpigobject.

Follow any other instructions left for it.

Be prepared to wait.

I am looking forward to having the pig under my control again and in my presence.