Friday, September 27, 2013

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day One 11:30pm

The pig was very happy and excited to be back under the Bosses control. The pig stayed in bondage for a couple of hours. To help focus the pig I did allow it to suck the Bosses Cock for a bit so it could center its mind and remember what it is and what its purpose is. The pig is a rubberpig object and it exists to serve, worship and obey its Master.

After pup came home from work I released the pig and allowed the two slaves to have some time to reconnect. We enjoyed a quiet evening at home with both slaves in their rubber. Before bed we tested a brand new neoprene sleepsack the pig purchased from Recon. the sleepsack is great and I will post some pictures of it in used soon.

Both pup and pig are in bed because tomorrow is a work day.

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