Sunday, September 29, 2013

Canadian pig Twenty Days of Training - Day Three - After Midnight Part Two

Throughout the night I checked on the pig. I would increase or decrease the electro, add poppers and otherwise keep it aroused and off balanced. The pig had no idea of what time it was or when I would leave or return.

Around 4:30 I was awoken from a light doze from slave pup. pup sleeps in rubber and the slave was undoing the snaps on the cod piece of its rubber shorts and manhandling itself. I thought the slave was pleasuring itself in it sleep (it does that from time to time) but I discovered the pup was awake and trying to fix its chastity device. One of the slaves nuts had slipped though the rear ring.  pup was able to make the proper adjustments and put things right. Since the pup had woken me up I decided a little ball beating was in order and slapped the slaves balls with my cupped palm until the slave was fully erect in the device and thanking me over and over again.

I took a break from the strenuous ball beating and had the slave suck my Cock for a while.

Then since I was awake I got up to check on pig.

The entire bed was soaked from sweat coming through the neoprene sleepsack and the sack was soaked to. So I took pig out of it, switched out the neoprene gag with a locking ball gag. I added leather fist mitts and a short chain attached to the collar to keep its hands away from its cock.

By this time the pigs dick was fully erect so I tormented the pig with more poppers and more electro and kept taking the pig to the edge but never let it shoot.

At 5:30am I put the pig to bed for the night. And now its time for me to head to bed. More on Sunday.


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