Thursday, September 26, 2013

Canadain pig Is Visiting

The Canadian pig is coming for a visit. The pig arrives tomorrow afternoon. it will be visiting with me for 20 days. Part of that time we will spend at Mr. Bratman's dungeon in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition the Seattle pig will be visiting for a shorter trip so there should be quite a bit of pig and gimp training going on. 

I know one of the things I will be doing with the pig is chaining it up in front of the computer, and have it edit and post all the videos and pictures I have taken in the past 10 months. I am woefully behind in my blog postings. If I ever get a a full time pig that will definitely be one of its daily tasks.

The pig arrives at Laguardia at 3:45pm. it will take a taxi to the apartment and let itself in. it will proceed directly to the training room and put itself in full rubber bondage so that it presents itself as my rubberpigobject. it will kneel and wait for me as a good pig should

To get things started I have posted the e-mail I sent the pig tonight. It outlines a tenative schedule for the pig and also instructs it on the basics for presenting itself to me tomorrow afternoon.

Keep watching this space for further postings and updates.


E-mail to Canadian rubber pig:

Hello pig,
First of all safe travels today. I am  looking forward to the pigs visit. I miss having the pig here under my control.

Here are a few things to expect for the visit:

Thursday -  the pig will arrive and make the needed prepperations so it can present itself   as a rubber pig object - more about that in a bit.
On Thursday night the pig will not sleep in bondage since both pup and I have to work in the morning.

Friday -  the pig will set an alarm so it is up and brings me my coffee at 8:00 AM
The pig will have a couple of chores to do on Friday. I will outline them on Thursday.
I am home on Friday night but I have to work early Saturday morning so the pig is free to go out with friends if it has already made plans, or it can have a nice quiet night at home.
Since I have to work Saturday morning the pig will not sleep in bondage

Saturday -  The pig will set an alarm and bring me coffee at 8:00AM. pup will probably sleep in.
The pig is free to run amok with pup on Saturday or make other plans
I am off Saturday night. I should be home by 9 unlesss work is busy. Pup and pig can make plans, pup mentioned the Eagle (maybe that was for Friday?)
I am off on Sunday so the pig will sleep in bondage.

Sunday -  pup will wake and free the pig. 
       pig or pup will go to the corner store and purchase the newspaper
Coffee will be served to me at a reasonable time.
pig and pup will make breakfast
pig, pup and Mr. Joe will have an adventure of some sort
I am working on Monday so the pig will not sleep in bondage

Monday -  The pig will set an alarm and bring Mr. Joe coffee at 7 AM
The pig is free to do what ever it wants during the day*
I am off on Tuesday so we will do something on Monday Night
The pig will sleep in bondage on Monday Night

Tuesday -  Mr. Joe will set the pig free when I wake and the pig will prepare coffee
Mr. Joe and pig will run errands and take care of chores
pig, pup and Mr. Joe will do something Tuesday evening
pig will sleep in bondage on Tuesday night

Wednesday - pup will free pig. pig will bring Mr. Joe coffee at 9:30
pig is free to do what it wants for the day and evening
pig will sleep in bondage.

Thursday-  pup will free pig. pig will bring Mr. Joe coffee at 9:30
pig is free to do what it wants for the day and evening
Mr. Joe begins vacation pig will sleep in serious bondage

* if the pig desires to make plans for Monday night to meet friends it may do so.

Friday, Saturday - Bondage - possible visit by some friends
Sunday - Bondage or adventure
Monday - Bondage - pick up Seattle pig from JFK - more bondage
Tuesday - Bondage
Wednesday - Bondage pack for trip
Thursday - travel to Mr Bratman's
Friday, Saturday and Sunday - intense bondage training at Mr. Bratman's facility
Monday - travel back to NYC
Tuesday - relax and recover.

rubberpigobject presentation

When the pig arrives on Thursday the apartemnt door will be unlocked. The pig may or may not have to buzz to get into the building.
The pig should text Mr. Joe when it lands, when it is actually in a taxi, and when it thinks it is in close proximity to the house.

The pig will enter the apartment and go straight into the gear room to get ready. it may use the bathroom if needed.

The pig is then to prepare itself for presentation.

There are some basic rules it must adhere to. 
  1. it must lock on a collar. it may choose which one
  2. it must lock on the rubber bondage belt (padlocks on the front - D ring in the back)
  3. it must attach the long chain on the floor to the back of the collar.
  4. it must use a short chain to connect ankes to the bondage belt so that it must remain in a kneeling position. (Connect the short chain to the rear D ring of the bondage belt and the other end to the center chain of whatever ankle restraints it decides to use. The pig should not be able to stand upright.)
  5. its hands must be restrained behind its back. it can use the locking wrist restraints or the hyatt cuffs
  6. it must be completely covered in rubber
  7. both pig holes need to be plugged. Can use elctro plug if desired. set level to impress.
The pig can choose which gag, hoods, gloves, plug, blindfold, muzzle, collar, restraints etc. it wants to use. it should strive to impress me as to how much it wants to be my rubberpigobject.

Follow any other instructions left for it.

Be prepared to wait.

I am looking forward to having the pig under my control again and in my presence.


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