Monday, May 28, 2012

pig Marathon

The rubber pig object in Seattle is exploring its desire to be a full 24/7/365 rubberslave by staying in rubber all weekend. You can follow its progress by checking its blog:

rubberpigobject tumblr


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Internal Thoughts Of A Rubberslave

I am having conversations with pig, a rubberslave who desires to live a life of real rubber bondage. We are in discussions and exploring the possibilities.

I already know this slave from when it was part of my household in 2007/2008. Back then I was just beginning to explore the life of being a Bondage Top and could not provide the pig everything it needed. In addition pig really missed its hometown of Seattle, so it moved back in June 2008.

My learning has progressed and I collared my boy pup and in 2011 pup became my slave and I became its Master.

In the meantime the pig has gone through some life changes and has come to realize its true nature is to live as a rubberslave.

We have been talking on and off and our talks have progressed to a more serious level.

In the meantime the pig has been keeping a journal about it's ideas, thoughts, musings, worries, visualizations, etc. I have read them and gave the slave permission to post them on its tumblr blog.

Here is the link:

rubber pig object - catching up

In addition the pig posted past entries so here is the link to its archive:

The pig is coming to visit over Folsom East so I should have something fun to post then. In the meantime here are a couple of pictures of it from 2007 and from our recent conversations.

Feel free to contact the pig on Tumblr and ask it questions about its slave journey and watch here for more postings.


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Friday May 18th - Rubberslave Gets Relief From Chastity

My rubberslave has been locked in chastity since March 7th. Sometime in April I made it cum by letting it hump my leg while it was still wearing the device but the device has stayed on for 73 days and I decided the slave deserved some relief.

I have also been chatting and exchanging e-mails with rubber pig in Seattle so last Friday I arranged a chat with rubber pig while I had my rubberslave sealed in the sleepsack in a chair next to me. The slave was also hooded and gagged. I put an electro plug in the slave and tormented its locked slave cock with a vibrator. I also spent some time beating its balls with both my hand and the mini baseball bat. The whole time the rubber pig was able to watch and listen.

After 90 minutes of torment I removed the chastity device and tortured it some more with a vibrator directly on the head of its slave cock. Finally I took mercy on it and allowed the slave to shoot a very generous load.

I have included some pictures and a video for your viewing pleasure.

BTW - all the junk in the background makes us look like hoarders so sorry about that. It's just the result of moving and living out of boxes with no where to put stuff.

After the slave dumped its load I left in bondage another 20 minutes before releasing it. The slave was covered in sweat and a lot of it had pooled in the bottom of the sack.

I gave the slave a one day break and now it is back in chastity. I my let it celebrate Folsom East with an orgasm, but I am not sure yet.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sorry For The Quiet Time

Just a quick note to those that follow this blog and the activities of myself and my rubber slave pup. Between work and a bad case of the flu I have been out of action for almost two weeks. I have had little time or energy to do much of anything.

My slave pup is still in chastity and has been since March. I did let it cum once about three weeks a go with the device on but I know at this point it is very frustrated and horny. I will be giving it some release soon and I'll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime feel free to talk with it about how real chastity with no promised release date feels. He is on Recon and Yahoo Messenger as rubberpup34.

In addition to pup I have begun talking to pig in Seattle. For those of you who don't know the background, pig moved from Seattle to SF in 2007 and we started some rubber slave training. It didn't work out (the pig missed friends in Seattle too much) and it moved back to Seattle in 2008. Well pig is back in my life and we are in talks and chats about it coming for a visit and possibly more. In the meantime it has been entertaining me by sending various porn pics and videos from the web.

I will try to post some of them here.

In the meantime I hope to be feeling better soon and back up to speed with the bondage training. There are so many eager boys, pups and slaves and so little time.