Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here is the video of the slave cumming while wearing the device. Not the best I have ever done, but some may find it fun.

Tuesday Night - Very Horny slave video

Here is the video I shot of my extremely horny rubber slave.

Tuesday Night ...Very Horny slave

The slave has been locked in chastity since I last allowed it to cum on May 18th. That's 67 days straight and a new record for the slave. Needless to say the rubberslave is very horny. the slave has been very hungry for cock and has sucked me off three times in the past 36 hours. The slave could not keep from continuously telling me how horny it was and you can imagine how annoying that can be, so I slipped it into the sleepsack, gagged it and blindfolded it for a few hours so I could get some stuff done.

Of course I can't stop myself from playing with it and teasing it and that has gotten me horny again so i will probably make it give me another blow-job before bed time.

I have not decided when I will let the slave cum. My next day off from work is next Tuesday July 31st so that might work. In the meantime I will probably have to put in bondage when ever I am home to keep it from being a horny pest.

When I removed the gag and let the slave out of the sleepsack it reminded me that I said I might let it cum for its birthday which was last Sunday, 7/22. I knew the slave must be desperate because it does not usually remind me of things like that. The slave was extremely horny so I put it on all fours and massaged the area between its cock and balls and its asshole until it was able to shoot a load while still locked in the chastity device. After all I never said I would remove the CB-6000 for its birthday. I shot  a hands free video and I'll post it if it came out ok.