Sunday, February 16, 2014

Video -Canadian pig Hogtied - March 2013

Here is a long delayed video. The Canadian pig visited me in NYC and then, for family reasons, we took a road trip to Michigan. I spent one afternoon in the motel room training the pig to be in a severe hogtie. I attached a chain from a muzzle to it's feet, putting a lot of strain on its neck. The pig could only tolerate this for short periods and was grateful to SIR when it was given relief.

The pig was in a rubber catsuit from E7Gear. It was hooded and muzzeld witha plug gag under the hood. I used assorted chains and restraints to effectively hogtie it and then inserted an electro plug from Mr. S. I fed it poppers and alternate forcing its head to be pulled back and letting it relax.

I used two cameras. One hand held like I usually do and the second camera to capture the pigs face. A fun experiment that I will have to try again. I didn't edit out the double dialogue. Speaking of editing I find iMovie11 it is a lot less user friendly than iMovie 09.

I always tried to post new videos here first before making them available on Xtube but size constraints mean the quality is not as good so I may start posting videos straight to XTube and leave the blog for photos and notes.

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