Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunday Training....continued

Later on Sunday afternoon one of my favorite pup's, dogbruin, came to visit. dogbruin had earned a well deserved bondage session. Not only did he help set up the closet space for training my rubber slave, he also made my computer run better.

I used his rear entry sleepsack with nipple and cock and ball access for starters. Then we added a nice rubber hood with a front that zips closed and it laces and zips up the back.

To make sure he wouldn't go anywhere we wrapped him to the bondage board with black wrap and rubber strips. I let him float there with some poppers and music while my rubber slave used the vibrator on him.

We added nipple clamps and then attached them to a chain for tension. After a while I let rubber slave take the pup's cock out and suck on it. The slave took to the task very eagerly and the pup in bondage enjoyed it too. We put a vibrating cock ring on the pup and tucked everything away again for another nice relaxation period.

Finally rubber slave took the pup's cock out and started stroking it. The slave really wanted to milk the pup dry. By adding some nipple play the slave got the pup to shoot. I left him to float in a post orgasm bondage haze before releasing him. The pup came out of the mummification with a big smile on his face.

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