Sunday, October 2, 2011

Trading Bob and Joe

As you may know, my rubber pup slave's actual name is joe and my name is Joe. We happen to have good friends who are named Bob and Bob. This evening I took pup over to Bob's place for some remedial training and I took his partner Bob back to my house for a bondage session.

After experimenting with the best combination of hood and gag I put him in the sleep sack and strapped him down to the bondage board with black duct tape. Pleasant mood music played in the room as he floated in space on the board. I applied a blindfold and a vibrator to his cock and balls and listened to him moan. I added headphones to muffle some of the ambient noise and began his bondage session.

His nipples are directly connected to his cock so massaging them through the rubber and applying tit clamps was especially fun because of the responses I received.

I played with him a while and then left him to drift in bondage heaven .

When I came back I ramped up the training by applying dual vibrators to his clamped nipples while he humped his bound cock and balls in the suit. Then I applied the heavy duty vibrator to his cock and balls while I manipulated, teased and tormented his nipples. he did not know if he was coming or going!

After 90 minutes I slowly let him unwind as I released him from the bondage. He emerged from the hood with a big smile on his face! I returned Bob to his partner, Bob and picked up my pup joe, who also had a nice afterglow, and seemed no worse for wear. Overall a very fun Saturday night and another good training session by the bondage boss.

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