Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rubberslave Training Continues

The pup is adapting well to it's new identity as a rubberslave. it seems to be very content as well as horny. This is something it needed for a long time, but was not able to express.

The training slowed during the week because of work, school and house guests, but last night we picked things up again.

I introduced the slave to his new slave space. For those of you who don't know pup he is very creative and he has a small studio downstairs where he works on his art. I emptied the closet in that room and this will be the space where it will learn to live and think as a slave and where I will keep it when I am not training it or using it. Like Harry Potter the slave has a closet under the stairs!

Thanks to dogbruin who came over last week and put eye bolts in the wall so bondage is easy.

I put pup in the new space for a short period last night. The pup does not like isolation bondage so i will have to train it slowly to get used to the idea of being kept locked away in bondage, under my control.

In full rubber, with a new neoprene cocksucker hood from Mr. S and a new neoprene face gag (also from Mr. S) pup was in basic bondage, attached to the bolts by his ankles and wrists. I force fed it poppers and tormented it, elevating it to new heights of horniness. Then I closed the door and left it alone to think about its new life as a rubberslave.

The set up in the closet is simple for now but I will augment it as the slave's training continues. I checked on the slave periodically and fed it more poppers and massaged the slaves locked up cock and balls. After a short period of release last Sunday the slave has been locked up in the silicone boy trainer from, you guessed it, Mr. S

The session was short, about 45 minutes, then I released the slave, put it on its knees and put the cocksucker hood to good use.

Around 9;30 we took a short break. pup threw on some sweats and we went out dinner with him in full rubber. We relaxed at home and watched last Tuesday's episode of Glee while we digested, then it was back in to the bedroom for some more training. 

The neoprene hood went back on as well as a gag and some locked and chained fist mitts and then pup was given both verbal and physical slave training. The slave was eager to sleep again in bondage. it was very horny throughout the night, which in turn made me horny and around 7AM I had the slave give me an early morning blow-job. That settled it down a lot. it was very content and happy to be used the way it was meant to be used.

I believe the pup will make a very good rubberslave.

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