Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Missed The Cum Shot

It was time for rubberslave to be allowed to get off after a week in chastity. I put the slave in its favorite bondage, sealed up in the rubber sleepsack, with a rubber hood and neoprene face gag plus a leather blindfold, and strapped him down to the bondage board with tape.

I set up two cameras, one at the slave's head and one focused on its cock and balls. Unfortunately the camera recording the ball beating and cock stroking malfunctioned so I was not able to capture the rubberslaves's cum shot. It was quite a load too. I am posting the video I did capture. If you have seen other videos you know the treatment the rubberslave's balls are getting. You will also be able to tell when it cums! After the slave shot its load I let it rest on the board for twenty minutes before beging the process of setting it free to go to bed. Enjoy!


  1. Holy fuck - that was HOT! Love its desperation and agony as it came! More please!

  2. Boss should do this scene again as gimp's torment is so exquisite. Kinda a do-over with the second camera this time. *wink*