Friday, October 28, 2011


The stress and time constraints of moving have forced me to postpone getting the slave's nipples pierced and his tattoo augmented. I may do it on Halloween or I may postpone it till after we arrive in NYC.

We had a great time at the 15 Association Party last Saturday. We were joined by our good friend SFLthrRbr and had a lot of sleepsack fun. The slave introduced me to one of his friends, WinkSF on recon, and he went into the sleepsack and had a very good time. Then the slave went in. I removed the chastity device and put on a heavy rubber ball stretcher. The slave was on the recieving end of about an hour of ball torture. He loved it and hated it.

I released him from the rubber bondage with out letting him orgasm. He was horny all night and I did not let him have any relief until Sunday morning.

Monday morning the chastity device went back on. I used a numbered plastic security tab so the slave can go through airport security this weekend with out a problem. I don't plan on releasing him from chastity until at least 11/4 and possibly 11/11.

I'll keep you posted but I don't think there will be too many more updates until we settle in New York City.

Mr. Joe


  1. hope to meet you when you come to NY :) wag wag wag

  2. oh cool 11/11 is my 21st bday :D