Monday, October 17, 2011

Chastity Training Update.

I started a regimen of chastity training with the slave on September 19th. I locked the device on at midnight and it stayed on till 11:00 AM on September 24th. The slave had an incident of a ball being squeezed through because the rubber it was wearing was so tight. I allowed the slave to take the device off for the day, but did not allow it to cum. At 11:00 PM the chastity device was replaced and left on for 24 hours. That Sunday night after Folsom was the first time the slave had an orgasm since the previous Sunday.

Total chastity time 5 days and 11 hours continuous and then an additional 24 hours.

The next session started Monday morning September 26th at 7:00 AM and the slave was locked in chastity until 11:00 PM on October 3rd. The rubberslave was allowed to cum then. Each time the slave came it was by my hand and my permission. I am very pleased with the way the slave can hold back until I order it too cum.

Total chastity time 7 days and 17 hours continuous.

The slave had a slight irritation on it's cock so it remained unlocked on Tuesday, October 4th. I was very pleased that at bedtime the slave asked to sleep in fist mitts so it would not be tempted to pleasure itself during the night.

On Wednesday morning at 7:00 AM the device went back on. I told the slave I would unlock it and let it come on October 15th, ten days away.

Saturday the 15th was a very intense training day for the slave. The rubberslave was extremely horny from the training it was receiving and was desperate to cum. So it impressed me greatly when it begged me not to unlock it and keep it locked for another week. The slave wanted to show me how eager and willing it was to be under my control.

I agreed and readjusted my plans to release the slave on the following Friday. But later that evening, around midnight, I was heavily abusing the slaves balls and I accidentally dislodged the device. Since it had to be removed in order to put it back on properly I decided to be generous and let the slave cum while he was serving me. Then Sunday morning, while providing more service I made it cum again. With its balls drained it was locked back up again.

Total chastity time 10 days and 19 hours continuous.

The slave was locked up Sunday 10/15 and I plan on unlocking it next Saturday and allowing it to cum while we are at The 15 Association play party. So that will be a short 5 day session.

Then the device will go on Sunday 10/23 and I will not unlock it until Saturday or Sunday, November 5th or 6th, a full two weeks of training. The slave will be going out of town so I will be using a coded security lock so it can go through airport metal detectors.

I will keep you all posted on how well the slave does as I increase the duration of his chastity sessions and orgasm control. Chastity! It does a slave good!


  1. very nice Sir :) maybe you can train me when you move to NY Sir

  2. it'd be great to see some videos of the training, any chance of that? nice post though.