Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Training

Sunday was a day of all rubber training for the slave. To start the day I had it shower and then it put on the rubber suit and socks and then make breakfast. After breakfast it put on some street clothes and we went shopping. First to Mr. S where the slave purchased some new rubber gloves and I purchased a new neoprene locking bondage collar to use on the slave.

After Mr. S we headed to Stomper's to check on my order of custom Wesco's. While there the slave tried on some calf high Gripfast boots but they did not fit. Then we were off to Safeway to make some purchases for dinner.

When we arrived home the slave stripped off the street clothes and added more rubber. First it put on the fancy latex, high heel boots it has, the new rubber gloves and then a rubber corset. Down in the training space I added the molded rubber hood, mouth plug, rubber goggles, a neoprene muzzle, and locked fist mitts.

I attached the muzzle to a rope on a pulley. Then I added a heavy chain hanging from the ceiling. I attached the collar of the muzzle, the locked mitts and the center of a spreader bar. The other end of the spreader bar was attached to its ankles.

The slave was sealed in head to toe rubber and neoprene, locked in rubber chastity, being force fed poppers and was as horny as hell.

The fancy boot are really hard for the slave to stand in, so this was some very tough bondage. After a bit I relented and let the slave down. I placed it in a chair and cuffed it's hands away from its  slave cock. I fed it more poppers and then massage the area behind the slave's cock and balls with a vibrator while it humped with great vigor. The slave was moaning and groaning and I think it was begging to cum, but with the gag, hood and muzzle I could not understand a word it was saying. And besides it knows that the chastity device is not coming off until Thursday at the earliest.

It was a warm day and it was getting hot in the training room so I took the pup upstairs to the bedroom and removed the head gear and let it suck my cock until our afternoon guest arrived.

To be continued..........

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  1. This pup would like to know what kind of chastity device You have Your slave locked in, Sir.

    pup Hali