Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Plug

In the years that I have owned pup, who is now my slave, we have not done a lot of ass play. recently the slave expressed a desire to start being trained with a butt plug. Since this was on my "to do list" for it, I readily agreed.

We went to Mr. S this week and bought one of the "world's most comfortable butt plugs" in the appropriate size and we started the training Saturday morning.

You can see from the pics and video the slave is still in chastity. it is very horny and its hole quickly took to the plug. You can see how much it liked it. yesterday's session was about 4 hours. The goal is to gradually increase the size and duration until the slave can function with a medium sized plug inside it all day.

In February 2007 I had the slave tattooed. The symbol on the left means rubber and the one on the right translates to pup. To recognize its new status as a slave I will be taking him to Cold Steel today and adding the Chinese symbol for slave. I will also be having its nipples pierced.

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