Thursday, November 24, 2011

Keeping Busy

If you are a regular reader then you know I have relocated to NYC with my rubber slave. We are living in temporary housing until our apartment is ready. Between work and working on the apartment there has been little time for fun, but the slave has been locked in chastity.

The slave was free from chastity from 11/6 thru 11/13.  On Sunday, November 13th, I had the slave put on its rubber and we played a bit. I had purchased some new electro devices from Mr. S before we left and I tried them out on the slave.

The slave really enjoyed the electro torture and to show its gratitude it did an excellent job in servicing me. Afterwards I was feeling generous so I let it cum while I turned up the electro charge in its slave hole.

I can't wait till we get settled and I can seal the slave up in the sleepsack and just turn it into a rubber object, bound and tormented! 

Monday morning I returned to work at my new job in NYC and that meant leaving the slave alone and unsupervised so it went back into the chastity device. it has been wearing it ever since.

Here is a pic with the device on as the slave was getting ready to leave for Thanksgiving to be with family in Michigan. 

It is 12:30 in the morning and the slave just texted me to let me know it is feeling incredibly horny. The slave will just have to stay that way until next week!

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  1. Love what I am seeing in the blog so far. What part of Michigan is Gimp from? We are from the Detroit area so figure we might have met somewhere. Maybe at one of Mark's dungeon parties. I will check back later for your response. Meanwhile, keep up the good scenes.