Tuesday, April 13, 2010

very disappointing

I know a bear who is into chastity big time and on Saturday March 27th I secured him in a chastity device with the understanding that he would wear the device until April 17th. On that day he would report to me for some serious bondage torment and then some pleasurable relief.

With just a little over 4 days to go I received this message on Recon.

"I need to tell you something, Sir. My balls totally shrunk up this morning and came out of the ring. Then the cage fell off. I have a Dr's appointment this afternoon and will force myself back in when I get home.

Thought I better tell you this."

I find this very disappointing and I am indecisive of what I should do with this mis-behaving bear. Part of me what's to forfeit his opportunity to come for some bondage training and part of me whats to tie him down...torment him and then put him in the device for even longer...8 plus weeks perhaps. But since he has demonstrated that he cannot be left unsupervised in chastity I am not sure of the best course of action. I am also not sure of what the worse punishment would be.

I would welcome any comments and suggestions. Thanks


  1. This is something i deal with all the time. i am fully unable to use the traped ball type of devices. it may be time for the bear to get a pa to help secure device to the pa. Also would help bear spending a few hours a week on streatching out the balls


  2. sorry to say, but this problem is likely due to incorrect fitting of both the ring and the spacer post. if indeed you fitted him into the CB device, then it is likely your fault for improperly sizing the correct parts for the boy.