Thursday, April 1, 2010

first session over

At 5:00 PM I took the slave out of the cage and removed the gag. I gave it some water and let it get itself centered. I put the gag back in and locked it in place. For this slave everything locks. Then I put a spreader bar on it fist mitts and pulled them up over its head. I inspected the chastity device and changed the numbered security tag to a lock. The slave will now have to break the device (or the lock) to get at its cock. I fed the slave some poppers and put some clamps on its nipples. This is another slave who's nipples are directly wired to its cock. Very helpful.

I had a conversation with the slave (a little one sided since it was gagged) about its future training. I could tell by the moans that it was interested. Either that or it was enjoying how I was torturing it's nipples. Whichever reason it was moaning I took it as a positive sign.

Afterwards I let the slave down and it enthusiastically licked my boots to show its gratitude and appreciation.

I removed all it restraints except the hood and put the slave back out in the vestibule to remove the hood and go on its way until the next session.

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