Thursday, April 8, 2010

pain slave training session

the slave arrived exactly on time. Since there was a possibility of some front door foot traffic I had it go directly to the training space in the garage. I had it follow the same instructions to strip, kneel and wait. I finished up some computer work and went downstairs at 4:15. The slave was allowed to meet Boss face to Boot. It is funny (not ha-ha funny, but ironic funny) that after knowing each other on-line for 10 years we end up living just a mile apart and this is our first meeting. The slave properly showed its respect and gratitude for being allowed into the training space by doing a great job of boot licking

I put a "slick" hood on it, a rubber mouth gag and a muzzle that I locked on. Then I put on fist mitts. I used a spreader bar on its wrists and ankles and pulled its arms up over its head. I proceeded to hang heavy chains from its balls and anchor them to a 20 lb. dumbbell. I added tit clamps with a weight hanging from the center.

I proceeded to pull on the rope that caused the spreader bar to raise it arm high above it causing it to stand on tip toe. Unfortunately as it raised itself up the weight attached to its balls did not follow. It seemed to enjoy the pain of having its balls pulled off! I discovered that I could just roll the weight with my foot causing it to feel the painful tug on its nut sack.

I proceeded to introduce it to all the implements I use to beat pups' balls, along with something new. The Nopro meat pounder from the kitchen. When I ordered this I immediately saw the way it can be applied. I'll have to order another one for the kitchen now. ( I don't want to cross contaminate meats. keep one for pup's and slaves balls and another for the chicken cutlets)

I practice flogging a little but I am sure the slave has had much worse done to it. This is a skill I will develop.

After about 90 minutes and the slave beginning to get that nauseous feeling in the pit of its stomach from the ball beating. I took it down and put it in the cage for a rest.

Earlier in the day, when I woke up as a matter of fact, I pissed my first morning piss into a portable urine bottle instead of the toilet. This slave craves all forms of pain...including the pain of humiliation. It loves to serve by being a urinal for superior men. And that is what I let it be. I poured the cold, harsh morning piss that I saved into a dog bowl and let the slave crawl on all fours and drink every drop to show its gratitude to SIR. it did very well. I sent slave on its way and expect to see it back for another session very soon.

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