Sunday, April 25, 2010

monthly play party at The 15 Association

Last night was the monthly play party at The 15 Association. The group is holding "Assocaites Weekend" which means there will be an extra play party today. Last night there was a really good turn out, which meant lots of socializing upstairs and plenty of hot action downstairs. I had rubber and ball beating session with pup (the little dog can't get enough) while boy mark wandered off and got himself into some fun. J. in the play area next to us was sgetting into a very intense scene with a boy hooded and restrained in a sling. Lots moans from the sub as electro was used on his cock, balls and ass.

pup made a new friend last month and this month we introduced him to the pleasure of rubber bondage. We put him in the rubber sleepsack and showed him how sensual and pleasurable the experience could be. I think he was a little concerned that I might apply the same ball beating technique on him that I used on pup, but I assured him I only use the meat pounder on pup's nuts.

We spent the rest of the evening socializing and enjoying the company of some wonderful leather men.

If you have never been to a 15 Association play party you should make an effort to go. They are held on the 4 th Saturday of most months. Visit the website to learn more baout the group and to request an invitation.

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