Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I'm here now. Tie me up"

As a Top one of the most frequent messages I receive is from bottoms or subs, whom I have never met before, letting me know they are in town for a few hours or days and want me to tie them up. These are not men that I have relationships with or have talked to before. These are complete strangers who send requests for bondage almost as if they are making a haircutting appointment or restaurant reservations.

No where in their message do they mention what benefit I will gain from devoting my time and energy to fullfilling their needs. It is like I only exist as a means to their needs. I asked one guy why I should tie him up and he responded with "because I am hot and you are lucky I asked you." My favorites, of course, are the ones that offer no picture or information on their profiles.

I don't know why I am amazed by this behavior but I am. During my days as a boy or sub I never reached out to a SIR I had never met and asked to be tied up. I consider it rude and disrespectful. I am assuming this happens to other Tops and I'm not the only one experiencing this.

BDSM stopped being a purely physical activity for me years ago. It is about the mental and emotional connection I make with the guys I am with, whether Top or bottom, and I don't get that from one night stands. In fact I always find the first time I am working with someone a little hesitant and akward as we get to know each other and establish trust. because once there is trust, that is when the fun really begins.

There have always been people without manners. The internet just make sit easier to meet them.

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