Wednesday, April 7, 2010

training never ends

over 10 years ago I met a fellow BDSM fanatic on line. I was a bondage pig and he was a pain pig. he lived in North Carolina and I lived in New York. Over the years we maintained a friendly on-line relationship, sharing ideas about SM< service and slavery. Our paths diverged as my journey took me into the role of being a SIR and his desire to become a total slave grew deeper. As fate would have it our paths have crossed and we are both living in San Francisco, less than a mile apart.

The slave has been unowned and un-collared for quite some time. And anyone who lives to serve, knows that is the most miserable existence for a slave. Especially for this particular slave that lives to receive the gift of pain from a Master.

After a couple of conversations I have decided to offer this slave my guardianship until it can find a Master who will own it and use it completely. It will be good for me because I can practice my skills on it without concern for hurting it. it is an object to be used. And from me it will receive structure and discipline in its life that will help prepare it for eventual ownership.

I plan on using it to improve my skills at whipping, flogging, beating, cock and ball torture, tit torture and many other activities a SIR should excel at. this slave is an empty vessel for me to use as I need too.

I will be meeting the slave in person on Thursday. This evening I went by it living quarters while it was at work and left a small lock and a pair of handcuffs in its mailbox with the following instructions.

Enclosed are a lock and a pair of handcuffs. On Thursday at noon I want it prepared wearing socks, boots and a jocks strap. It is to have a butt plug in its hole. it is to put its hood on and lock it in place using this lock. Then it is to kneel in the center of its living space and use the cuffs to secure its hands behind its back and wait for SIR to arrive.

Be sure to either leave keys where I can find them in the box or the door unlocked. If I can’t get in I can’t release you.

We will spend some time at its living quarters and then I will probably have it meet me back at my place for some training..

Don’t disappoint me by not following these instructions.
E-mail me and confirm it has received this.

Contact me by IM on Thursday morning ar
ound 11:30 to ensure that plans are still in place before it locks the hood on.

Let me know if it has any questions..


I am looking forward to arriving at the slaves living quarters Thursday and find it there waiting to be trained.

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