Thursday, April 8, 2010

Plan for the day

here is the e-mail I sent the pain slave this morning:

Here is the plan for the day.

it will prepare itself as instructed by 12:00 PM and it will wait, kneeling presenting itself in its living quarters, for My inspection.

I will spend some time with it and determine if it is worthwhile of My time and attention.

If I choose to proceed I will release it from the cuffs and hood and it will follow these instructions.

it will drive itself over to My home.

At exactly 4:00 PM it will enter through the gate into the vestibule area.

it will strip back down to socks, boots, jock and butt plug.

it will put all its clothes and belongings in the wooden chest.

it will kneel on the pad facing towards the street, hands behind its back and it will wait.

I will give it an opportunity to worship My Boots to show its appreciation and then I will take it into my training area for a session.This first session should last no more than 3 hours.

Does it have any questions?


I will post details of the training session afterwards.

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