Saturday, April 24, 2010


I went to the SF Eagle tonight for The 15 Association Associate Weekend Bar Night. it was nice gathering of leathermen and it reminded me how important community is. There is power in numbers. My friend Felix was there in another of his outstnading leather uniforms and he felt so comfortable. He expresses regret that he cannot walk around in leather as openly in his own country and that there are so few places gor Letahermen to gather.

We don't have that problem here in San Francisco. We have the reverse. Many places to gather but so few men willing to come out and actively participate. Is the "Old Guard" slowly ending and the traditions with it? Are too many men staying at home in front of their computers and not bothering to comeout from behind the monitor to actually socialize with other men? Is the bar scene just to old-fashioned?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but I do know you cannot over value the importance of community. To interact and enjoy the camaraderie of other men. To see a fine looking man in ful leather. To learn from those with more experience and to pass on knowledge and history of the leather community. These things are so important. So many boys approach me on-line and call me SIR. But do they know the thrill of being in a public place and calling a man SIR and getting down on all fours and licking his boots.

I am just as guilty as the next man. i went through a period where my life got in the way of living my life. It requires an effort and a commitment to be part of a community, but the benefits are so great.

So to all the boys/slaves that say that want to meet me and receive some training. Come out and socialize. You will find me at The 15 Association parties every month. Come make some friends and be part of something.


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