Friday, February 21, 2014

Canadian pig Marathon Session Part Three

Right now all the videos of pigs Marathon Bondage Session are posted on X-Tube as well as a bonus video featuring my pup slave. I am having trouble uploading quality videos here on Blogspot but I should have it worked out soon. In the mean time head over to X-Tube.

The Bondage Boss on X-Tube

These are all the videos I shot of the Canadian pigs visit with me after we attended MAL in January 2013. Up next are some videos from his visit to the house last April. I'll probably post those on Sunday.



  1. The xtube link you have posted leads to the log-in page. The following url is a more accurate link
    this is great for piglets like myself who enjoy watching the work you've put into these great videos

  2. Love the videos, Boss! glad that you are back posting and sharing your unique point-of-view.

  3. The link doesnt work, have I done something wrong or the vid has been removed ?

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