Sunday, March 16, 2014

Catching Up

I have finally begun catching up on the backlog of video I have. I have posted everything from January 2013 that included my Canadian pig slave and pup my rubber slave. I have started on March/April of 2013 which is more of Canadian pig and pup in the Bronx and during our short trip to Michigan.

After I finish that I will post the videos from June when pup ryan came by for a weekend of gimp training. Canadian pig was also in town for a visit. In August 2013 pigbear came by and in October Seattle pig, Canadian pig, pup and I all went to Raleigh together to Mr. Bratman's Raleigh Correctional facility.

In January 2014 both pigs came to visit the new Bondage Boss house in Oakland, California and most recently a new trainee, SFgimp came by for a training session.

Here are some pics of SFgimp.

SFgimp arrived Saturday night. The gimp had instructions to go to the training space get in gear and bondage and present itself. slave pup assisted the gimp in preparing itself.

An hour later I went upstairs to find the gimp kneeling on the bondage board. The gimp was covered in head to toe rubber. the gimp was wearing a shoulder entry rubber suit, toes socks, gloves and hood. The gimp had a rubber mouth plug in place that was held in its mouth by a locked on rubber head harness. The gimp had locked fist mitts over its rubber gloved hands. The gimp also had on a pair of blacked out goggles and headphones. The gimp had locked on ankle restraints. The gimps ankles were locked to the bondage board and a short chain connected the gimps wrists to its ankles.

When I entered the room the gimp was already suffering from the kneeling position. I kept the gimp waiting a long time because slave pigbear was also visiting and I had the slave in the rubber straight jacket and was spending some time with it.

I took some video of the gimp before I released it and then I let it stretch out and deal with a leg cramp.

I took it to the downstairs study and used a spreader bar to make it stand spread eagle while I enjoyed slave pup and slave pigbear's company in the other room.

At bedtime the gimp went into the cage. This was around 1am. I let the gimp out of the cage at 11:30 am - 10.5 hours of confinement. The gimp suffered with some room temperature changes but otherwise had a good night. The gimp had a catheter on its gimp dick that was connected to the gimps gag by a tube. I don't know if the gimp had to piss during the night because of all the sweating it did but it was set up to recycle its own piss.

This session was to see if the gimp could really deal with long term rubber wear and bondage and it did well. After I let it out of the cage I talked to it about the possibility of more gimp training and then sent it home.

The gimp did well and I expect to have it back real soon.

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