Monday, April 28, 2014


This short visualization of a rubberpigobject's life was sent to me by my pig living in Seattle.

"pig" came the first announcement from the dark.

"pig, can it hear me pig?" asked the disembodied voice.

"Mpph!" was the pig's 'verbal' response, accompanied with a vigorous nodding of its sightless, rubber encased head.

"it may feed now" came the command from SIR.

The pig sat up a little more than before, careful not to hit its head on the inside of the cage while doing so. it shifted toward the front front of the cage it was locked in, reached up with its hands which were locked together at the wrist inside leather fist mitts and felt its way to the corner where it blindly felt the lever. It was a somewhat large lever, necessary as it was being operated sightlessly and barely by feel since the pig's hands were tightly stuffed inside the fist mitts. the pig pushed the lever up and to the left which started a gentle flow of protein shake through its clear feeding tube, which came from a drink cooler that was sitting on top of the cage. The tube from the cooler led down to the valve which was what the lever was operating. It was a three way, Y shaped valve, with one end being for the now-flowing protein shake and one of the other two ends which then led to the tube gag which was locked around the pig's head. 

the pig's head made obvious motions as the pig worked to quickly swallow the unending flow of protein shake, which was moderately difficult with its tongue being depressed by the interior of the gag. Drinking and feeding through the gag was nothing new for the pig as that's how it consumed almost all of its nutrition. It just takes a little more effort. A short while later came the next command from SIR "That's enough pig". the pig immediately then moved the lever back down to the vertical position which closed it, ceasing the flow of protein shake. SIR watched as the pig made its final gulps to get the last drops of shake from the tube and gag down its throat.

"OK, the pig can now drink whenever it needs to". And with that, the pig then pushed the over-sized lever up and just slightly to the right which started a flow of water through the third and final clear tube which was connected to the valve. After a few seconds, SIR watched as the section of tubing between the valve and the pig's gag cleared of protein shake as the fresh water washed it down into the pig's gag and throat.

SIR didn't need to tell the pig when to stop or for that matter, when to start drinking water. Water was a freebie and also plentiful in this situation. 

"How's the pig doing, everything OK?" asked SIR

the pig replied with an affirmative grunt through the gag and more nods of its head.

"Sit back and let me see the catheter pig"

the pig readily complied and carefully shifted itself so that its back was against the back of the cage, and spread its knees apart to more fully expose its rubbered crotch. In fact, the pig was completely sealed in black rubber. As it usually was most times. From the pig's dick, SIR was able to see the catheter as it exited that deprived and controlled instrument of the pig's undoing. Actually, SIR saw the catheter as it exited the black rubber cock sheath that encased the pig's dick. Nothing remained exposed. The catheter was connected to another rubber tube which gently wound its way down onto the floor of the cage and then back up and over the pig's shackled ankles before finally exiting the cage. Everything seemed to be fine there as well, still connected and no kinks. The pig was a fully plumbed and currently self-maintaining unit with the exception of when it was allowed to feed. SIR wanted to make sure that the pig didn't accidentally consume all of its food. That, and as in most cases, it gave SIR the opportunity to remind pig that anything and everything the pig was given, or allowed, was a gift from SIR. While nutrition could be debatable as a "gift" SIR could just as easily allowed the pig to drink a horrible tasting concoction of unflavored protein drink that while it would meet the nutritional needs of the pig, tasted at best like wet cardboard and sour milk. It was vile without any other flavors added and it took a lot of effort on the pig's part to not gag and throw it back up. So in that view, nutrition for the pig was definitely also a gift from SIR.

"Any idea of how long it's been yet pig?" asked SIR

the pig thought for a moment and then shook its head 'no" which was an honest answer. the pig was completely sealed in rubber, complete with a hood without eye holes. it was sealed in a completely black environment, unable to watch the passage of time. the pig didn't think that too much time had passed yet, although as previous experience had taught SIR and pig, without any stimulus, for even just a few hours, pig's normally, fairly accurate guesses of the passage of time became wildly inaccurate. Sometimes, especially depending on what kind of bondage it was subjected to, the pig would think it had been much much longer than the actual time. While at other times, the pig was disappointed that its time had passed.

But since this was only the first time since SIR left that SIR had allowed the pig to feed, the pig knew it couldn't have been too terribly long. Something along the lines of "just hours" so far.

"OK pig" replied SIR "Be good, relax and I'll be back later of course to instruct the pig when it can feed again. I and the rubber slave just arrived at the hotel a little while ago and had dinner ourselves. The conference will be over in a few more days and then we'll be back before pig knows it."

the pig grunted in the affirmative and nodded its head again.

"Alright, good night pig, I'll see it later." And with that, SIR closed the remote camera app on his smart phone, leaving the pig alone in its darkness and silence, locked in the cage with a video surveillance camera pointing at it. He could watch the pig any time he liked, both for his pleasure and for peace of mind. If at any time SIR needed to, he had a couple of friends on standby who could let themselves in to SIR'S home and dungeon within minutes of SIR calling them and tend to anything about pig that might be needed. It was unlikely such measures would be necessary but SIR still felt better having a backup plan in place, just in case. The other only concern was the pig's tube gag which if it needed to, the pig could pull out the tube to the gag, which at the same time would pull out a wider section of the tube, a bit like a small drain plug. That would allow the pig plenty of room to breathe through and if necessary, to puke through. More room than the standard tube gags. It forced the pig's mouth open more than a regular tube gag but not more than a good sized gag which the pig was accustomed to anyway. the pig had never puked when gagged before, but SIR didn't want any first time to become the last time. His pig was nicely isolated, plummed and self maintaining and safety concerns were met. SIR was happy and enjoying himself, and his pig was appropriately secured and store for the next few days, patiently waiting for its OWNER to return home again. Or maybe not "patiently" waiting, but then again, that much didn't matter. the pig of course had no choice in the matter.


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