Monday, January 21, 2013

MAL 2013 Sunday Night - the pup cums!

It was the final night of MAL 2013 and after 100 days of chastity the pup was allowed to cum. But it had to go through a three hour rubber bondage session first.

Both the rubber slave and the Canadian rubber pig were sealed up in rubber sacks. They were bagged, gagged and plugged and both of them were in chastity.

"pup" was in the black rubber sleepsack. it was hooded, gagged and had on mirrored, tinted goggles. it had an electro plug in its slave hole.

the pig was in a rubber bondage sack. it seals in the body from head to toe with just two nose holes for openings. The sack zips up from the top of the head down to the center of the back and there are "D" rings to lace it snug. Inside there are two sleeves for the arms. the sack is roomier than a sleepsack but still confining. It was made more restrictive with the use of a couple of belts and a neoprene muzzle.

the pig was also plugged, but there was a connection problem and it was not getting the pleasurable sensations in its pighole.

For three hours I teased and tormented the bondage slaves until I decided it was time to give the pup some relief. I let the pig out of bondage so it could help. While the pig beat pups balls with the mini-baseball bat I ordered the pup to cum without me touching it and if you watch part three of the video you can see the results.

MAL 2013 Sunday Night: pup cums-part one

MAL 2013 Sunday Night: pup cums-part two

MAL 2013 Sunday Night: pup cums-part three-climax!!

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  1. Woof! What an orgasm! My personal opinion is that you should have milked the pup over and over again, as soon as it could get its little slave cock hard again, until its sack was absolutely empty. Then put it on chastity for 6 months before letting it cum again.