Friday, January 18, 2013

MAL 2013 Saturday Night

Saturday started off with the pup and the pig doing some shopping while I had some coffee. Then I geared them up and took them around the market place. We stopped off at E7 Gear to show off their rubber suits. Both of the bondage slaves were wearing suits made by E7 Gear. The pup's is a full catsuit and the pigs is a short surf suit. Of course pup had to wear his sash to promote the title.

We made a new friend - Latexlayers from Recon, who stopped by our room for a chat. He is local from New Jersey so we hope to see more of him.

After shopping and dinner it was time for some more training. Gunny was already in the room with two pups Rudder and Sox. Another pup stopped by two visit Sox and cub J. came by to visit Gunny. Plus Cpig, pup and myself were all in the room. there was various bondage, flogging and other things going on.

Another friend from Recon - Stretch'd came by with Jeff for a sleepsack session. Both rubber enthusiasts went into the sacks and were sealed up, bound and played with for two hours.

By the way the neoprene hood with the blue piping is a new item from Mr. S. They have a bunch of new neoprene hoods and I highly recommend them. Especially the neoprene gasmask.

Mr. S Neoprene Sensory Hood

The two rubber enthusiasts enjoyed their bondage session. Strech'd floated in the tight bondage, confinement and sensory deprivation, while Jeff struggled and fought against the bondage as much as he could. He gave me an idea for an new ab exercise for the slaves. You can watch some of it here:

Saturday was a lot of fun but my slave was looking forward to Sunday when it would finally be allowed to cum after 3 plus months in chastity!

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