Thursday, October 11, 2012

Video - Canadian rubberpig and pigbear - Part One

Here is video of the first training session I had with the Canadian rubberpig and pigbear on Sunday. They went into bondage around 1:30 and rubberpig was released around 4:30pm. A good beginning.

The pigbear was allowed to cum during this session but stayed in bondage for an hour afterwards.


  1. What an incredible intro to Boss Joe this was for me - literally stumbling into an impromptu training session with Him was such a big deal for me; I never even knew He and His pup were going to be at Mr. Bratman's party until they walked into the living room Saturday - I didn't even have the initial courage to go and introduce myself to either of them... Thankfully chance would have me come down into the living room in my red rubber for Boss to see and comment on Sunday, which led to what is seen above - the beginning of boy drew's rubberpig awakening..... ;@)

  2. Hello Will Your name will play
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    You can also put I sold to other masters!

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