Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday night fun at The Fifteen Association

pup, boy mark and I went to the monthly 15 Association party tonight. We were joined by SFBootBear. It was good to see some old friends and reconnect. The evening started off with SFBootBear tying boy mark to a St. Andrew's Cross. He was muzzled and blindfolded, his arms and legs spread and bound at the wrists and ankles. He also had straps across his chest, waist and thighs. The boy was securely bound to the cross and helpless. SFBootBear proceeded to torment boy mark's nipples and of course this made his dick stand right up. SFBootBear took this opportunity to tightly bind the boy's cock and balls tightly. The boy was kept on edge for about 30 minutes before being released from his bounds without being able to come.

After a short break turnabout was fair play and I bound SFBootBear to the cross in the same position as boy mark. SFBootBear was even more frustrated than boy mark because he came to the party in self chastity. boy mark extracted revenge by using some japanese clover tit clamps on SFBootBear and applying a vibrator to locked up cock and balls. SFBootBear said he needed some bondage and he moaned in pleasure as he was given poppers and had his tits and cock and balls worked.

slave pony was at the party and he came over to watch. After a few moments I stuck pony in the metal cage where he belongs. The black slave loves being kept in a cage like the animal he is. While boy mark and SFBootBear were playing I had some quiet words with the black slave. Afterwards the boy agreed to come for a visit today to serve his white Masters and spend some time caged in the garage.

After SFBootBear was released I kept my promise to him and replaced the lock on his chastity device with a security tag # 199019. SFBootBear is now locked up and under my control and he will stay that way until Saturday April 17th.

Next it was pup's turn. SFBootBear and boy mark put pup in the rubber sleep sack and laid him out on the bondage table. they added a rubber hood and blindfold. While SFBootBear stroked his cock boy mark proceeded to beat his balls with many different implements. pup floated in a haze of pain, pleasure and poppers while a crowd gathered to watch. I think his screaming at having his balls soundly beaten drew some attention. pup could hold back no more and he shot a load and kept on cumming. SFBootBear discovered how sensitive he gets afterwards and ramped up the torment till pup was begging for mercy.

We let pup come down from session and by then it was well after midnight. We had volunteered for clean-up duty so it was time to pack things up for the night. Another fun night at The 15 came to an end.

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  1. It's Easter Sunday 4/4 and I'm going crazy. The lock is a reminder of Sir's promise which makes my dick even harder. Less than 2 weeks to go.