Saturday, March 27, 2010

early stages

the early stages are hard for a bondage slave. For one thing it lives on its own and has to function and make decision for itself when it really wants to be controlled completely. Most bondage slaves have to maintain dual identities, the face they show to society as they go about day to day routines, and the interior slave that desires to be bound and abused and exist to serve a Master.

It is important to start getting the slave in a proper mind set. So far I have given the slave some basic instructions to follow.

1.) the slave is in chastity. This was easy since the slave liked to practice self chastity. But now the device is secured and under my control.

2.)Before going into chastity I had the slave practice some self bondage and then view the various bondage videos I have posted on line. The slave was to visualize itself in the same situations, under my control. It was allowed to jerk off and then it was required to e-mail me its thoughts

3.) I had the slave e-mail me a list of previous bondage experiences.

4.) I shared an intense bondage story to gauge the slaves reaction. The slave will be sharing a story with me that it relates too.

5.) I had the slave send me an inventory of the equipment it owns.

6.) The slave has been checking in with every day at a pre-determined time.

7.) In preparation for our first meeting next week the slave is on a restricted diet. I need it to feel control in it's every day life and prepare it for a new way of eating.

Before Thursday I will be sending the slave instructions regarding his first session with me.

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