Monday, March 22, 2010

New Blog

I have undertaken the training of a new bondage slave and I have decided to start a blog to follow his journey and the bondage adventures of other boys that I train.

This bondage slave has respectfully and persistently requested my attention for sometime and I decided to begin training him.

His training began Saturday with our first conversation. I determined he is a good fit for what I require and he has already carried out some basic instructions. As of Saturday evening he is in chastity in a CB-6000 with security tag #058155

The bondage slave lives about 4 hours away so in the beginning I will be giving instructions for him to follow at home.

I wanted him to understand the type of training I provide, so on Saturday I had him sit in a chair in front of his computer wrist and ankles shackled, butt plug and chastity device in place collared and gagged. He was then to watch all the training videos posted on my yahoo group visualizing himself in those bondage situations. Afterwards he was allowed to jerk off as much as he needed to, but by Saturday evening he was to send the picture of the chastity device securely in place. The slaves training has begun.