Monday, July 12, 2010

3 rubber boys

So as I said in my early post, things have been a bit challenging for the past few weeks, but the issues have mostly resolved themselves and when boy mark reached out and said he wanted to come by I said sure. He was bringing along dogbruin, a pup I have talked with and met, but not had any dungeon time with.

After dinner the three boys pup, mark and mike got into their rubber catsuits and we headed to the play space. First up we put pup in a sleepsack on the new bondage board suspended from the ceiling. We wrapped him with some black shrink wrap so he couldn't squirm and fall off, because I had something evil in mind. He had on a rubber hood and black rubber goggles. We opened the sack to expose his cock and balls, which were encased in a rubber cock sheath, and proceeded to spend some time beating his balls with multiple instruments, and teasing his cock. I also gave him some poppers to heighten the experience.

When I was ready I jerked him off until he came, and this is the diabolical part. pup is very sensitive after he comes and hates to have his dick touched. Well right before he came I put a gag in his mouth and then kept stroking as he screamed and moaned through the gag. It was pure torture and the the two boys enjoyed seeing pup suffer.

next up mark and mike went into rubber sleepsacks and hoods and I laid them on the bondage bed. Both of them had their cocks and balls wired to electro and pup held the controller feeding them more and more juice. pup stroked mike and I stroked boy mark and with the help of a huge dose of poppers, mark came first. The after a Little work on his nipple pup mike gave up his load.

Both boys were released and quite happy with the rubber play.

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