Sunday, May 15, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For - Unforseen Ending

My good friend RubCop shared this story with me and I thought I would post it here. So many boys dream about becoming a permanent gimp slaves that I know the story will be appreciated. Enjoy

Note - (7/25) Thanks to a reader I have learned the author is Eckie: AKA Bondagfan and the title is Unforseen Ending. I have sent Eckie a note requesting his permission to post his story here. Learn more about Eckie at

So here I was sitting on a Friday evening, finally work was over and my holiday has started - just two weeks, but at least the first holidays for a long time - I seem to work too much - maybe I should get another job with less responsibilities, but then again ... the money is good, and I can for sure use it. The past hasn't been so good with me and as long as I have the bank on my neck, I will simply have to go on working so hard. Of course there was no way to afford a nice trip to the sunny south or anywhere - I will just have to make myself some nice time here in my hometown. But hey - at least I can sleep long the next two weeks and don't have to worry much about anything.

Luckily there are some parties going on here in town. Tonight's already the first one I will go to. A friend of mine had tickets for it but cannot attend, so he left that ticket to me before they would expire for nothing. It is meant to be a large leather/rubber/SM party. I heard the location is great and the people as well, and as I have never been to that specific party before I look forward to it.

After dinner and some relaxed TV I get up to prepare for the party - shower/shave and then the decision what to wear... Should I just do as usual and wear army/boots, or should I, for this party, get my leathers out, or even the rubber? I try this and that out of the wardrobe but then fall back to the army - it is just the most comfy to wear and I feel well in it.

I have quite a collection on combats and decide for the Czechian one - I think it is one of the best looking ones from my collection. Having a kind of fetish for complete uniforms I take out all parts of it, beginning with the army-underwear - briefs and t-shirt, putting on the trousers, of course the matching belt goes with it. On top the jacket shirt with an additional belt around and also the matching army boots. Last the beret and I am complete. I look in the mirror and all fits well as it has to be.

I grab together my wallet, house keys and a pair of handcuffs. I have that habit for years now, never going out to bars or clubs without them. You never know if you might use them, though in the past I have barely had any use out there... Mostly they just are hanging on my belt, signing my interest for my main fetish - bondage. So I'm ready to go, it'll take about 40 minutes to go there.

When I arrive, there's already a queue at the entrance. I join in and within 10 minutes I am inside. Many people there, some known faces, but also many new faces. Probably lots of tourists coming here for the parties only. I get to the bar and order a beer, looking out for a nice place somewhere with a good overview, then standing there and start watching who's around. All kind of guys, singles and couples, Masters with slaves - or at least looking like tops with company that wear collars or other signs of being bottom.

I also meet some friends having a few chats here and there, of course the scene is quite small and at such events you meet all of them at once usually. The party was going quite well when at some time a Master/slave couple shows up at the bar to which I have a quite good view. The top looks like an old guard leather man, all leathers, shirt, pants, jacket, tall boots and even a Muir cap. Not that I fancy them very much, but on this guy it actually looks well. There are not many leather guys that actually can wear that sort outfit. On many of them it looks ridiculous, but with this guy it seems just right. He is probably in his later 30s or early 40s from what I guess. But what fascinates me immediately is the slave at the end of the leash.

All black leather - heavy boots it seems, leg irons connecting them, pants with lots of leather straps and d-rings, tied in a leather straitjacket also with many d-rings all over. A hood also with straps and rings on all sides and also gagged as far as I can see. Also I cannot make out eye holes, either they are covered or too small to detect from that distance, but the looks of the slave there behind his Master is great. I even feel my dick growing from the sight. And as if things cannot get any better, after having got his beer the Master with his boy on the leash turns towards my corner and comes closer, taking the spot right next to me and starting to look around the area. Maybe He's looking for someone or He's also just checking out who's around, what's going on so far. I see a short pull on the leash from the Master and the slave goes down on his knees at the spot he was just standing.

We keep talking on about the outfits, about the party, people we knew in common (surprisingly there are always people you know in common; even when you meet a stranger). All during the time the slave stayed put on his knees where he was, not daring to move much. Of course I have to get on again about the slaves looks - it just fascinates me a lot. "Can I have a closer look?" I ask him. "Of course" he replies and with that, he pulls again on the leash and the boy immediately gets up standing.

I get closer to him to see more details and find out that it seems that this slave wears some sort of one-piece suit. The hood seems attached to the straitjacket though the part around the neck looks thick and enforced, forming some sort of posture collar, but also the jacket and pants are all one and so are the boots. There is nothing to see about those parts being separate. All over the suit are many straps with d-rings, including the hood, so with enough rope you can make sure not a single bit of the body will be free and moving anymore. "Wow," comes out of my mouth. "That is one hell of a piece he's wearing!" I add. With a smile the Top replies: "Yes, that is a special made suit, I got two similar ones. One with a straitjacket like top as you see here and another one with mitts only added instead of all the straps for the arms. Kinds of regular wear for most times, and the jacket-one here for special occasions. You have to enter through the back here just under the shoulders, now zipped, buckled up and as you see padlocked here. A friend of mine is a leather tailor and did those two pieces for me. Not cheap, but then again, I tend to have them in use a lot, so they are definitely worth it. And these padlocks here on the back are not really necessary. There's no way this boy gets out here without help. Still I like to know it's well locked with only me having the matching keys." Feeling my hard-on again I have to reply. "Oh yes, I am sure I would enjoy being inside there as well, too bad that space is occupied already" I add smiling to him.

He looks at me, probably thinking about something before asking me. "You seem to have somewhat the same size as the boy here, do you really think you would enjoy taking his place?" I am rather surprised by that question. I would have never thought of being asked just that, though of course the thought of it gets me even harder as I am already. "Well, I sure would like to give it a shot. Just the look of it gives me a hard-on. The feel of it must be even better." He looks at me again and pauses before replying. "Well here's the offer ... you and the boy here switch clothes, all of them - and I mean all of them, and you take this boys place then for the time being. But I have to tell you that this leather suit you see is not all he's wearing - but either you take it all or nothing."

Again surprised and trying to quickly think what I should do now I ask. "More? What else do you mean with more?" Less for really needing to know, but more to gain a bit time to make up my answer to that offer. "It doesn't matter right now, it is all or nothing. But I can assure you it isn't anything you couldn't do or wear, but it's more than just the leather you see. The boy here will sure enjoy being out of the suit and around here in your army fatigues; and you said already you'll like being inside that suit here." With that he looks at me with an expecting impression on his face - expecting either a yes or no.... I feel I cannot say no anyway now anymore, not after how much I expressed my liking of the suit and my wanting to be inside ... so I agree to him, that boy inside the suit gets to wear all my outfit and I will put on all he's currently wearing and take his place for the time being.

"Let's find a place more quiet then for change" the Top says and walks towards another door, which seems to lead to a sort of play area in the building. I haven't been there yet, so don't know, but just follow him. Some stairs lead downwards into a darker area. I see all sorts of dungeon equipment around, crosses, bars, poles, even a cage, slings of course and quite a lot of guys playing around here already. He walks towards another door. Inside is a bit lighter and I see some sort of cabins, obviously for people who want some action away from the eyes of all lurkers. One of those cabins seems open; the top walks straight towards it and gets inside.

Those cabins are not even that small. There is enough space for the three of us and the first I hear after the door is shut: "Now strip completely while I release the boy here" - that said he turns to the boy and I see him starting to unlock the padlocks. I unlace the boots and start undressing myself. Rather fast I am standing in my army briefs only. The slave was unbuckled in-between too. The hood was hanging off the front side, the arms out of the straitjacket, and the rest of the suit hanging half down his knees. But still the slave was all black. I see now that he wears all rubber underneath, even the head/hands are still black covered, just now only in rubber. The top can see my surprise and says: "Told you there's more than just that leather suit, and you will wear it all as well, just like this boy here did until now. Now get off your briefs too, I said all or nothing, and then help here with the boy." I take off the briefs too and put them with the rest of my clothes and then help the top to get that boy out of the leather suit by pulling the booted ends of it off the boys’ feet. I feel that the suit is rather heavy, it is quite thick leather, well made, and my hard dick shows that he likes that fact too.
Another padlock on the back of the rubber suit was undone and the zip opened all down to the ass of the boy and then the hood came off and we pulled the rubber down off his body. The boy was sweaty, hot red face and he said 'thank you` towards me - well, it wasn't me releasing him but his Master, so I just smile at him and thought that I'm going to be in that stuff pretty soon and even though it looks tough it will be more than horny in there, especially now that it is fresh off another body, still warm...

Having pulled down the rubber suit I now see that there's even more. A steel chastity belt on the boy, I know the model though I could not right now name it. But it looks pretty secure and no way to get excited inside.... "Yes, that also is part of the whole, and as we agreed, you'll have it all." the top says to me again with a wide grin on his face. Having the rubber suit all off the boy, the lock of the belt is opened and the belt also taken off. The boy has to bend forward and surprise surprise, a plug was kept shut by that belt too - which the top now takes out of his butt. A condom covers it; which he takes off now and replaces with a new one he pulls out of one of his pockets. "Want to keep it safe of course, but it's going to be up your butt too." Luckily it is not too big a one, as I am not really used to having any big stuff up my ass, but looking at it I am sure I can deal with it for a while, and if it is part of the whole, I will just have to take it, else I won't get the pleasure of trying it all on.

From another pocket the top now gets out a bottle of some lubricant, telling me and the boy to lube my body all over with it, else I would have trouble getting in the sweaty rubber suit. It's lubed up rather quickly and then I am told to bend forward, immediately feeling him trying to get the plug up my ass. I try relaxing as well as I can and slowly but sure it gets in until I feel my hole closing around the tight end of it. It isn't that bad, as I thought just a good size for someone like me who isn't used to so much up there.

Then he takes the chastity belt and puts it around my waist, but trying to get my hard dick in that metal tube is rather unlikely. Without warning I get some hard slaps on it, I scream out surprised, just to get my mouth covered by the Masters hand while he keeps slapping my dick. The sudden pain gets me soft rather quick. I was never into pain at all, so my hornness is gone immediately when it comes to it usually. With my dick smaller now it was still not easy, but possible now to have it inserted into the tube. Well lubed it slipped in and the belt can be shut and locked in place. It feels strange, but again horny, just that now as I again would want to get hard it suddenly hurts of course ... no way to get hard just like that now. I try to concentrate on something different, anything but horny please.... It takes a while before I can stand still and I see the top just standing there grinning at me. "That's the purpose of it, and you're gonna enjoy it for a while - just as I said, it is all part of the whole, no suit without it.... You still want to get on or rather want to stop here and get out of that belt?" Of course I cannot leave such chance behind to try on such a fab suit, so I just shake my head "Nope, I started it, I go through with it, it's alright, I’ll get used to it soon? I replied.

Now he orders the other boy to grab the rubber suit and together they help me inside it, the feet into the legs, all pulled up to my thighs, they make sure there are no wrinkles in the rubber, pull it up further to my chest and help my arms down the sleeves. Just now I detect that instead of gloves, it ends in some kind of mitts. So even now my hands are more or less useless inside the rubber. I like that a lot and smile. "Still smiling, that's good" I hear the top saying. He then pulls up the suit over the shoulders, and then the attached hood over my head. It has a mouth hole, nose holes and pinned eyes, so my sight is rather limited immediately now. The zip of the suit now gets shut all up to the neck and from the top of the hood down to the neck as well - the clicking I hear tells me that I am now also padlocked into this suit just like the boy before me was.

I feel the sweat already inside, but it might even be the leftover sweat from the other boy, but I feel excited - and right away in pain, when my dick wants more than the allowed space inside the chastity belt. That will be probably difficult for quite a while, being so excited about the suit I get in and still not able to get hard without pain.... But I still think it is more than worth it for trying this suit.

The other boy now takes that heavy one-piece leather and puts it in order in front of my feet, I can now with the help of the top get my first foot into the entrance of the suit, down to the legs and into the attached boots - they fit rather well, maybe half a size bigger than I usually have myself, but that won't be any trouble; they cannot slip off my feet anyway. The second foot downs the other leg in the other boot and they pull the suit all up to the chest so that I then can put my arms inside and also down the sleeves of the straitjacket. Having the arms down there the suit can be pulled over the shoulders, the hood still dangling in front of me, but immediately being pulled over my rubbered head also. Now I realize why I hadn't seen eye holes at the first moment when I saw them, as there were some sort of plastic or glasses in the eye holes, darkened, so that in a darker area like this here all seems immediately black to me. It will take some time to get adjusted to it so that my eyes can recognize again something, even though it is rather blurry and mainly shadow like instead of the, compared to now, rather clear pictures I had with the pinned eyes in the rubber hood only. A zip from the top of the hood again down to the neck is closed. Shutting that enforced collar part off too, forcing my head in position automatically.

Only limited movement allowed by it now, and then the top starts buckling up the backside of the suit/jacket - with each buckle shut, the suit gets tighter around my body enclosing me nicely in the leathers. I think I hear some more clicks of padlocks, so I assume he locks the buckles just as they were before with his boy. Bind done on the back he now crosses my arms in front of me, pulling them through leather sleeves on the side of the jacket, ensuring I cannot pull the arms up and buckles the ends of the jacket sleeves again on the back tight and at the end padlocks those as well. A leather strap on the chest is pulled over both arms and buckled/padlocked shut. No way to get the arms anywhere now.

I hear some chains and feel immediately something around my ankles, so I assume those leg irons are locked on me as well now. He really takes it by the word, all or nothing he said, and so far it is all, except two things left, but one coming right away. I felt the gag being pushed on my mouth, so I open, as if there was much of a choice anyway, and the rather flat, but wide gag gets pushed in my mouth. It fills it quite completely and when being buckled and locked shut on the back there is not much coming out of my mouth anymore but some grunting. Speak or shout - there's no way anymore. Finally the last part, the leash is being hooked into the ring in front of the collared neck.

So there I am then, inside this fabulous suit just as I wanted, being semi hard all the time, painful with the steel chastity, getting hot and sweaty inside the two suits, helplessly restrained and chained at the end of the leash of someone I just met 1 hour ago - and it feels great ... I love it and enjoy it, this evening will be a nice one inside this outfit - too bad it's just a little while, but I will enjoy every minute of it to the utmost....

The top orders the other boy now to get dressed in the other clothes there, pointing to my army outfit I had been wearing just until now. The boy quickly puts on all of the clothes, just as complete as I had to put on his outfit here. The boots laced up, the beret on the head he was looking just like me then. The top opens the cabin door now and drags me out on the leash, which is attached to his belt, so I will have to go wherever he goes. Having limited sight it won't be easy, but I am still confident this will be a great evening inside this suit.

Standing in the middle of that room with many others crowded around, being sort of an attraction - I can understand, just as I was fascinated immediately when seeing that other boy in this outfit - I think if they knew that we just swapped, just an hour ago it was the other one lucky inside here, and now I am the lucky one to spend the party inside this suit.

"Now be a good boy and thank this new slave here for your release" I hear the top saying. "Thank you very much for releasing me of that prison." he said with a relief on his face, adding then "I hope you will find a replacement quicker than I did"
Having said that he turned around and walked off into the crowd. I am a bit confused now. What would he mean by that ... but the top then immediately adds. "Well, all or nothing was the deal. you took it all and that includes even that now. This other boy was just like you curious to try out this suit and he made the same deal as you did. When I said 'all' it included not just the wearing of the suit, but also its faith - the person inside is my property for as long as another slave does not release him. I hope you don't have any plans for the weekend, as I don't think I will ask any other boy to replace you so quickly. Maybe at the end of the weekend I will have a look if there is someone willing to try out this suit too, if not, you'll simply have to deal with being slave and property until someone does... And just for your information, the boy that just left was in this suit for 5 days. His former outfit was given to the slave before him, just like your outfit now is his. He won't be coming back to release you. He's free now and probably either on his way home or on his way to enjoy the party by himself. You probably didn't notice, but the two suits have a zip through the crotch/ and back so that you can use a toilet without troubles. No need to get out here so soon."

I wanted to protest immediately, but the gag prevented it by allowing nothing else but some grunting to come out of my mouth.
"Save your energy, boy, you won't get out of that suit alone. No one will help you out as everybody thinks you are the slave I came in here with, and I have no intentions to release you that soon. Take it like a man - as you said at the beginning of our talk ... “that's how it has to be” and you'll have to accept it now." With that he turned and walked towards the door out to the main room where we came from, and with the leash I was attached to, I had no choice but to follow unless I wanted to fall straight forward on the ground.

With no arms to protect my fall that would not have been a wise move. I tried thinking what to do, how to get him to release me, how to get anyone to help me, but he was right, no one knows that there is another man inside here now than there was when he arrived here. To all the guys here I am his slave, and as such no one will interfere with what a Master does with his slave.

This being the first day of my two week holiday, it would not be a problem if I would be kept tied for a few days, at the end I always liked the idea of being kept prisoner, slave, tied, chained, and always fantasized about such scenario like this, but never ever thinking it might happen at all though. He mentioned that he’d look around at the end of the weekend for some volunteer... Well, that will make it a weekend in suit and restraints. That isn't so bad at all for someone who loves being suited and tied like this, just as I do.

So I thought I'll have to go along with it as good as it goes. That I will make it an enjoyable weekend for me then and hoping that towards the end of it there will be another one as horny as me asking for it... But I sure understand now why the previous boy thanked me for his release and was relieved about it. I am almost sure I will be just as relieved as he was when the next boy falls for this suit and will be my replacement... I wonder though what will replace my clothes... I will want them back of course, I doubt I will get something as good as them from a next volunteer to wear this, but that I will have to see when I am out of this suit. Until then I have neither the possibility nor the choice to go after it.

The sweat was running quite a lot already down the rubber suit, if I think about the other boy being inside here 5 days, wow. I hope it won't be that heavy to me... The top went back to the spot where we first met, and when I felt a pull on the leash, I knew he expected me to go down just like the previous boy. Being trapped and helpless I had no choice, to obey will sure make it easier for me too. So I went down and stayed there just as it is expected from a slave boy. The master has several other conversation, many about common scene, other people he and his chat partners knew. Also, of course, with people admiring his obedient slave and his slaves’ outfit. But none of them asking about trying the suit as I did... I can just hope there will be someone during the weekend. Or what if there is nobody asking for it ... I am curious what this will bring ... how it will end, but right now - there are no choices to make for me.

During the evening the Master walked around the rooms several times, me on the leash usually. In darker rooms I am blind as a bat through these darkened lenses in the hood. So I just follow the pull of the leash as good as the leg irons allowed.
In brighter rooms I could at least recognize shadows, but so far I could not see most of the party. I was enclosed in my own party here inside the suit. Some of the times I was left standing or kneeling in corners or the leash attached to a pole while he walked around alone; again, not much to do for me but to stay put.

It must have been already towards the end of the party. At least it felt very late, so I wondered how he would do anyway when we had to leave the party. Being a one-piece prison he could not just take off the hood and jacket and walk me home or wherever he would go. I soon will find out ... He comes back and picks up the leash now and attaches it to his belt again, walking towards the way out of the party, so I realize it must be close to the end now.

The building being in an industrial area will sure pose no problem immediately outside of the building, but he will not be able to take me like this in a cab or other public ways. Also he's not a local, so I doubt we are going to his private place, he must be in a hotel probably. I just follow him on the leash. He's careful though when it comes to steps or stairs. Knowing the leg irons do not allow me free walking. It is still dark outside, so knowing dawn will be around 6 a.m. today it must be still before that.
But being still dark, I cannot see very much through the darkened lenses, so have to walk careful and not too fast. We walk for quite some time, must have been almost 10 minutes, but I do not know the area here. Just can recognize we are not really coming to any brighter public streets, so I assume we are walking still in that industrial area.

At last we enter a building again, I wonder what it is. There are no hotels or living houses here. We walk somewhere downstairs. He leads me carefully down the stairs and after some more walking we come to a room where he suddenly turns on some sort of light. Having adjusted slowly to the bit of brightness now I see some candles burning. As far as I can see it must be an abandoned factory or warehouse, some metal bars, scaffolding like, some old broken shelves, lots of junk lying around. I guess it was some storage room previously.

"I found this old warehouse a few days ago when strolling around. I was actually looking for a place for the previous slave, but now that you have taken his place it will be yours to enjoy. He said to me. "The basement here must have been used for storage. Where the upper parts look like a factory, no idea what they used to produce and store here earlier, but right now it will be my slave storage." He must have known I must have some questioning expression under my hood as he added. "Yes, you heard right, storage for my slave. I won't let you out of your suit so quick as I told you. Then again I cannot take you like that to my friends place where I’m staying during my visit. I have to use a cab to get there and I doubt I can take you like that in the cab. I will pick up my property when I get my friends driving their car here. Until then I need a safe storage for you.

He takes a leather bag now and opens it. He must have had it at the coat check and got it back when we left. He takes out a long and a short chain and a whole bunch of padlocks and puts them on the ground in the corner. Then he leads me towards a corner where I can make out some quite thick metal poles along the wall from the ceiling to the floor. He uses one chain to get around a pole. Using a heavy padlock to secure it there and then attaches the other end around my neck, again securing it with a heavy padlock. Then he forces me down to sit on the ground and pulls the chain of the leg irons up towards my head, using another padlock to attach a shorter chain to it and with yet another lock attaching the other end to the chain around my neck. I won't be able to stretch out my legs now. Standing up is no option any more. Then again, the chain attached to the pole will prevent me from going very far here. Now he takes the bunch of remaining padlocks and starts locking the d-rings on my legs together. Each ring on one leg with the matching one or the other leg, securing my legs together with that, making sure the chains of the leg irons and the connecting one to the neck chain are included in the padlocking, so that all in all it makes a nice padlocked package of me sitting there in the corner.

Once finished with all padlocks he stuffs all the keys away in his pocket and says. "I am sure you won't be going anywhere until I pick you up. I have made sure this is a safe storage, as two metal heavy doors secure the entrance down here as well. Both can be padlocked, which I will do when leaving, so no one will come down here and take my property away. So you just make yourself home here, boy. When my friends are free to drive with me here with their car I am coming back to pick you up again." He then turns towards the candles, blows them out and walks out; at the door frame he turns back and says. "In case I forgot to mention - I won't be back before night, as only then my friends are available with the car, so enjoy yourself until then."

That was the last I heard and he disappeared in the dark. He said evening, man what have I gotten into here. Alone, secured tight, tied into heavy suits, sweating, able to move just a little. It will be difficult to find a position to stay and even more difficult to sleep, but still gagged, locked down here, as he said even two metal doors in between me and the outside locked. There is nothing I can do but sit or try to lay here and wait for his return.

It was not really how I planned this evening, but then again, so far it was still enjoyable. Imprisoned in these suits, even the plug and chastity I found horny by now well locked down. Isn't it heaven for a bondage freak like I am?

It must be dawn by now, and I am definitely too tired and exhausted. So after a while I fall asleep here in this position I have been left for the day. Stored... yes, just as he said ... a slave stored in a storage room until he is needed or wanted again. That is just how I so often fantasized about it. At least for the weekend I seem to have found it.

At some point I wake up, having had a bad sleep though, often waking up being uncomfortable in the position I am, but I feel at least a bit refreshed. I must have slept at least a few hours all together. I wonder what time it is now. This room doesn’t seem to have any windows, or it is night already, because all around me is darkness. With the dark lenses of the hood it was hard to make out any differences. But my mouth, chained, neck, actually the whole body hurts by now, so I guess I have been here for quite a long time now. Hopefully he'll be back soon and get me upright again to be able to at least stretch parts of my body.

After what seems like another few hours alone in the dark down here I hear some clanking and other noises, it seems someone opened one of the metal doors and is coming down here. He said he’d lock them so I think it can only be him. Finally I'll get up from here again. I see a bright light held into my face. He brought a flashlight with him this time. But then I hear someone else talking. "Nice one, just where he told us, and he did well here, this boy sure isn't going anywhere alone." Who was it? From what they say they seem to know the Master who left me here, but then they talk about him in third person, so he's obviously not here himself. I can just hope that these are the friends he talked about. Yet they must have had the keys and knew where to look for me, so it has to be them...

With the flashlights still pointed in my face I cannot make out anything, so do not see who it is, how many there are, or what they are doing, but then I hear some rattling at the chain that attach me to the pole in the corner. They start undoing the chains. Even with the chain off the pole I can still not do much, still being padlocked to a nice package with all the other locks and chain. Instead of feeling them unlock any more, they just lift my whole body up tied as is and carry me away - shit... I was hoping to stretch at least a bit now.

They must be either more than just two or they are quite strong, as they lift me rather easily and carry me now around like almost nothing. We head up the stairs, so obviously out of the warehouse now - after short time we're outside, and I recognize streetlamps, so it is dark already again. I have been down there in storage all day until night - I wonder how late it is by now. I am put down on the ground now behind the back of a car. They open the trunk and lift me inside.
Immediately the lid gets shut and I am in the dark again. Right away I hear the doors of the car shut and the engine started. We drive for what must have been about 30 minutes at least. Me still well packed falling around in the trunk at each curve, as they do not really take those carefully.

Arrived at their destination, the lid was open again and I am lifted out of the trunk. It is brighter out here so I can recognize that we were somewhere in the backyard of a large house. No neighbor houses though, so it must be out of the city somewhere, probably their home I guess.

I am again carried away into what looks like a former garage or a shed they have in the backyard. Inside i am dumped on the floor and left again as they walk out and shut the door. This time not chained to a pole, but still, well locked, there is nowhere to go for me. Luckily shortly after the door opens again and light is turned on. The master is back finally. He walks up to me and with a large grin on his face saying.

"How's my slave doing? It took a bit longer than I thought to get you picked up, but I was sure you would not run away in-between. I am going to unlock you now and feed you. Don't try to resist or escape. You won't have much of a chance out here." He starts unlocking all the padlocks on the legs, unlocks the chain between the leg irons and neck and finally I am able to stretch my legs and back again. What a relief that is. He must have noticed as he now helps me up on my feet, supporting me not to stumble or fall and leads me around the room a bit. "It'll do you good to walk a bit and get the blood circulating again." He's sure right and after a few minutes I recognize my stomach complaining about being hungry. But as he said, he will feed me now...

He leads me to a chair, sits me down there and attaches the chain of the leg irons through the chair legs to the back of the chair. He puts a belt across my thighs around the chair and another belt around my chest and the back of the chair. I won't stand up for sure now. "You can shout as much as you want when I take out the gag. We're far away from any neighbors, no one will care, and if you resist or try anything stupid when I release the arms, you'll regret it for sure." Of course he's right, I am in no position to argue anyway, so I nod towards him and then he unlocks and takes off the gag. Yet again, what a relief it is to my jaws to get that gag out after what must have been ages with it inside. Then he unlocks the straps of the arms and unbuckles them as well, just to immediately point each arm downwards to the sides of the chair and padlocking the ends of it to a ring on each side of the chair. Again a relief for the shoulders and the arms being stretched out hanging on the sides now - he sure knows what he does.

He unpacks some food and some cans of iso-drinks. "I'll feed you some nutritious food here and some iso-drinks to make sure you get what your body needs. You probably lost quite a bit sweating inside the suits, but you'll not get out of them so soon, so you better take all I give you now here. He sure is right; I cannot get enough to drink at the moment. It feels like I am dried out totally inside, but with every can of iso I feel better, and the food in-between makes me feel almost comfortable again - well, almost ... knowing it's not the end yet.

He opens several more cans of the drinks and puts them in front of me, each of them with a straw so that I can reach and drink myself from them. "We are preparing the party here tonight, so I'll leave you here for a while. Use the time to relax and drink more, before you get packed up again. With that he leaves the room, this time the lights stay on so I can sit there on my own, try to relax and sort my body, not forgetting to keep drinking, who knows when I’ll get the next drink?

After what seems like an hour he comes back. "I'll undo you from the chair now, but remember, resistance is futile and you will deeply regret any sort of disobedience, so better don't think about it - you are just what you wanted to be, a slave." He undoes all ties and helps me off the chair, leading me out of the shed and we walk towards the house.

"If you need to use the toilet for other than piss, say it now, as you won't get a chance during the evening." he said. I still have the plug up my ass and really feel the urge to go, so I nod, even though not being gagged I don't dare to speak, as a slave shouldn't do and I don't want to upset him. He warned me about disobedience, and yes, I think a good slave shouldn't speak. He leads me to a bathroom, unzips the two suits between my legs, pulls out the plug and sits me down on the toilet. You have 5 minutes, boy.

With the plug out I definitely had to do my business rather quickly, so when he comes back I am done. He gets me up standing, surprisingly wipes the ass a bit but then bends me over right away and reinserts a plug again, this time I feel more problems getting it in. Even though it is again well greased, but when it finally slipped all in I feel it being larger than the previous one.

The zips are closed immediately so I am encased fully again. Out in the hallway again he leads me to a sideboard where I can make out some harness like strapping. He takes it and holds it up to set it straight. I can recognize some sort of suspension harness. Wide leather straps and padded straps at the legs. He pulls it over my head and tells me to get my still loose arms of the jacket through the loops of the shoulder straps. Being in place on the chest he starts buckling it tight around the upper body. Finishing off at the legs by buckling up the padded parts around and between my legs, making sure nothing twitches there. Now once again my arms are crossed in front of me, buckled up at the back and all locked again. The straitjacket performs its purpose again; only this time I wear a suspension harness added to the entire outfit. As a little surprise he now adds some pads the lenses of the hood so that I am in total darkness again. I feel a gag being pushed into my mouth again. It seems to be the same gag as before, just I notice that I can breathe now through it, so it must have a breathing tube or hole inside. I feel the leash attached to the collar again and I am dragged onwards; yet again no other choice but to follow where the leash leads me.

We walk around some corners into some room where I now hear many voices, obviously the party has begun already and we join them. I hear some talking admiring the master with his slave, some touching of the suit and me, talking about how fab this suit is and how well a slave is kept inside. For a while I am just pulled around; when the master walks, standing or kneeling when pulled downwards, trying to follow his chats, but not getting too much of it. At some point I feel some hands fiddling on my shoulders, others seem to work on the ankles. I hear the master say. "The guys like what they see, now I think it's time to decorate the room." Having said that I feel pulling on the shoulders and my body is lifted upwards in the suspension harness. Not much I can do so I try concentrating to figure out how high I am lifted. It seems not too far, but then again in the dark of the hood it is rather impossible to judge.

What seems to me about 1 meter lifted I feel no my legs spreading. They must have attached them somewhere on the ground so that while lifting me they are stretched towards the attachment points. When there was almost no more stretching possible the lifting stopped. I can hardly move now, but then feel movement all around the legs and upper body, even at the hood. I guess they are on chairs or ladders and fix all parts of the body now somewhere. The legs are tied through all d-rings on the suit outwards; the rings between the legs are tied stretched too. The upper body is roped fixed, even the hood is now fixed with ropes to all sides. There is no movement possible on the entire body by now, and I must be hanging somewhere in the room.

Once totally fixed all movement around me seems to stop and it seems all others are doing business as usually on the party, enjoying themselves while I am just left here as 'decoration' as the master mentioned before. I hear people chatting, I hear other noises of actions, and obviously some other bottoms or slaves are worked on. I cannot do anything but listening to the little noise I can hear. I would have loved watching, but the master decided to keep me blinded while hanging here.

After hanging there for at least a few hours the noises began to subside. The party seems to be ending. Hoping for release I thought when the last guest is gone the master will come back to me... but it seems I was wrong. It was quiet around me; at least I did not hear anything anymore. Will they just leave me here?

It must have been another few hours when I suddenly hear the master again. "You've done well so far boy, I am proud to own this slave. You deserve to have some more comfy rest for that, so I'll let you off here and get you down for the night. I feel all ropes being undone and finally feel being let down to the ground again. I stumble a bit, but he supports me and leads me away.

We don't walk very far before he undoes the arm straps so I get the arms free to stretch again. "I'll feed you some iso-drinks again through the gag tube, so swallow carefully boy." Being prepared for the fluids coming down the gag I manage to drink quite a lot, and I sure need it. It feels like I have collected liters of sweat inside the rubber.... All the sweating probably prevented me from needing to piss, but I would sure not have another choice but fill the rubber with it, so I didn't really mind not feeling that need.

I think I had some 3 or 4 cans of iso and some water in-between when he pulls me away again somewhere across the room - maybe out of the room. I cannot tell still being blind.

We stop and he turns me towards him, pushing me backwards telling me to sit and then lie down. I must be on some sort of bed or bench now. Now I feel again rope being pulled through all d-rings of the suit and harness. With every piece of rope being added I feel my body more and more immobile. The legs held together, the arms held at the sides of my body, the whole body held down on that bed or bench, again even the head movement restrained to just a little possible. At least I lie down now, so it is still comfy even though hot and sweaty and able to move rather little.

"See you tomorrow then, boy. You've done so well, I might have a surprise for you. Don't run away while I sleep, night then, boy." and silence again, so he left the room and I was alone. Even not having done anything at all, still I am so exhausted that I fall asleep pretty quickly. Still I was thinking about what surprise he mentioned. Did he mean maybe he found another volunteer so I get released finally? As the end the weekend turns toward the end.... I'll have to see tomorrow, I have no choice anyway...

I wake up by the movement around and on my body, it seems the ropes are all taken off, as I sense being able to move more and more. I do move only a little, not to make the impression I would resist or run away, just trying to get the circulation going again. I hear the master telling me that he'll feed me again. I am hungry so appreciate these words. The gag is being taken out and I am lead away until sat down and the master (or someone else) starts feeding me again nutritious food and drinks with water in-between. My body aches all over a bit so I hope to be released from the suit soon. Having thought that, my arms get crossed in front of me, and all buckled up again into the straight jacket. Once again I am there where I was at the beginning.

I am pulled away again somewhere and after some walking I think we are outside the house as now I feel the ground being hard and different. I think I hear again the lid of a trunk being opened and I am right as I am being pushed inside, turned on my stomach, feel my ankles tied together and fixed to the bottom of the harness that I still have on. Hogtied, I lie in the trunk when the lid gets shut again. This time no engine starts right away. I am just left in there alone. It must have been half an hour or so before I feel the car moving, someone stepping in and finally we drive. Of course not knowing where I am curious now.

Another half hour or more we stop again, the lid gets opened, my feet untied and I get pulled out of the trunk. The leash clicks on the collar again and I am dragged onwards. I have no idea where we are; I am still blind since the night before. We walk on and again some stairs downwards. I am afraid we're back to the 'storage'- and I am right - being in the room again I hear the master say. "I have some preparations to make as I leave for home tomorrow, so I'll have to store my boy away again, but don't worry, I still got a nice surprise for you later, boy." He leads me further in the room and orders me to step up on a small box. He helps me get up to it and have a firm stand. Then I feel again some fiddling at the shoulders, chains are attached to the rings there and attached to some tubes at the ceiling. He then tells me to let myself hang in the harness as he's going to remove that box under my feet. I obey having no choice and when he kicks away the box I am hanging in the harness in the air again. Next he secures my legs by padlocking all of the rings of the suit together, then pulls my legs backwards up towards my ass and padlocks them there to more rings as well. Once again hanging all secured and tied somewhere without a chance to move anything. "I'll be back later, don't run away boy." Silence around me again. Will it be again overnight in this position? My body hurts all over by now, I can only hope that he releases me soon. The weekend was hard and long enough for me, more than I wanted, but still I enjoyed the surprise if it happened.

At some point I feel the urge to piss. Hanging there I can just let it run into the rubber, adding to the existing sweat, but I guess I'll be out of it soon hopefully. So I don't bother and enjoy it quite a bit to feel the warm piss running inside the rubber under the suit. I think about 3 hours have passed by now when I hear someone coming again. "Didn't take as long as I thought" I hear the Masters’ voice and am glad it wasn't that long. Hoping for final release now. "As said, I have a surprise for you boy" he continues. "As I told you earlier, I am happy with your behavior and think you're a boy worthy of keeping. Also I told you that I wouldn’t look so intensely for another boy to replace you in this suit. Unfortunately the body needs some more attention and you cannot remain inside those two suits forever, but I also told you I have another leather suit similar to this with mitts instead of a straitjacket, which makes a good daily wear for a slave. Without rubber underneath there is no problem wearing it long-term too.

Having had your wallet made it easy for me to find out who you are, where you live, work, I know people who know you; people who helped me to get further here now. I know you're on a holiday right now, so no one will miss you now when you don't return tonight. Also some people I know will arrange that you quit your job while you're on holiday. I have already booked a train ticket through Europe, Russia down to china, and sooner or later you'll be announced as missing. There won't be any traces to me, the guy you were yesterday or anything related to this here, no one even knows you're inside this suit except the people helping me to arrange your disappearance.”

“I will find one or another boy some time to be inside your current outfit, but you will remain my permanent slave from now on, and you'll live in either this suit or the other suit forever. I always enjoyed having boys switching into this suit, to me each of course looks the same from outside, but I always knew they would be replaced sooner or later, but I also always wanted to have one of these boys permanent living as a bondage slave in one of these suits. That was the idea behind having those two made. You fit just perfectly in it - and I saw you enjoyed this weekend even though I am sure you would not have thought of spending it like this. I live in a northern country, so you won't have trouble living in this suit permanently. It will keep you warm there.

I have arranged a transport of my property to my home. Any moment the box should be delivered here to pack you for your transport. So I'll take you off the hook here now to give you some more time to stretch yourself before you're being packed - but I warn you - still you should not even think about escaping - I can be a kind owner, but if necessary I can be a cruel punisher too. I like and love my properties, but can get furious when you disobey and remember, you're in no position to choose anyway anymore."

He unties my legs now and gets the box under my feet again so I can stand firm but leaves the chains hooked up to the ceiling. He unlocks and unbuckled my arms and I can again move rather freely, except I have to stay on that box as I still am fixed to the ceiling.

"I think I hear the van already, so got to get you packed up for your transport boy" he says, and I also hear some doors of a car or van slamming and then some voices coming downstairs. With them they have a box in the size of a body. The inside thickly padded, enough holes to make airflow for breathing on the sides of the box too. I am taken off the chains from the ceiling and lead down off the box I was standing on. Then I am pushed downwards ordered to lie down inside the box. Knowing there's several people around I know I have no choice but to obey and do as I'm told.

Once inside the box plenty rope is used through all the rings of the suit and I am well secured inside the box. Before the lid gets shut he tells me. "It's a rented van, no public transport, so you can shout if you want, they won't care. So now relax and look forward to your future life. Once the lid is shut you'll be on the road for at least 15 hours. I'll be home already when you are delivered and have your new suit ready to be locked on you then. Have a good trip in-between, boy."
With that the lid is put on top of the box and I hear some clanking of padlocks securing the lid on top, making sure the goods are not damaged during the transport and delivery. I feel the box being lifted and carried away. It is then put inside the van, I hear the door shut, the engine starts and I am on my way to somewhere unknown.

Would I have asked to try this suit if I had known this? I doubt that I would have had the courage, but now that decision has been taken away from me and I have no other choice but to accept what is going to be my future...


  1. Wow,excellent story...

  2. the story was written by eckie aka bondagfan and published on his own website with the title "unforeseen ending":