Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday Night at The 15 Association

Turned out to be a busy weekend. I started the weekend enjoying a good cigar at the SF Eagle with the Bay Area Cigar Buddies. They generally meet every Friday at 8 PM. here is a link to the yahoo group if you want to learn more.
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While I was there I made plans with Joe for Saturday's bondage session. After Joe left I hung around and met up with boy cliff, who was in town for three weeks. he had sent me a very respectful note on recon so I decided to meet him and see what he was all about. he turned out to be polite, respectful and engaging so we made plans to play Saturday evening at the Citadel.

You already saw how Joe's session turned out. Unfortunately pup was delayed getting home from school so Joe was released and gone before pup got back.

pup and I were off to The 15 Association play party where we met up with boy cliff. We soon had the boy sealed up in the rubber sleepsack. We also put on a rubber hood and some black goggles. pup and I began working him over. We gave him some poppers and then started sensually rubbing him all over and then working on his cock and balls. This boy had one of the biggest set of balls I have ever seen. Like two large limes in a sack. They were a pleasure to beat. I worked them over with my hands, a miniature baseball bat, a ping pong paddle and a vibrator.

All the time pup was stroking and rubbing the boy, soothing him, feeding him more poppers, and holding him down during the more intense moments.

After a while we added a rubber gag and blindfold so once again I had a completely encased rubber object before me. We increased the intensity, added more poppers and soon the boy was writhing in wonderful pain/pleasure in the rubber bondage. I was feeling generous so I stroked him till he shot a huge load of cum all over the rubber.

We let boy cliff come down from the experience and the removed him from the rubber cocoon and put pup in. pup was wired up with electro on his balls and I let him enjoy the sensation for awhile. pup was still locked in his chastity device. He has been wearing it since 6:30 AM Tuesday morning , so that made 113 hours of being horny. That's a long time for pup. But I wasn't ready to release him yet, so after a session of ball torture pup was freed from the rubber bondage without being allowed to cum.

We relaxed upstairs for a bit and socialized with the other Leathermen before we said good bye to boy cliff and headed home.

At home I had pup perform some required service and I finally relented, and removed the chastity device and let him shoot a load from his pent up balls. he was very grateful.

I awoke Sunday morning and put pup back to work. He was still majorly horny so I let him shoot once again before putting him back into the chastity device. he is locked up again and he won't get release till next weekend.